Match Day: A Rite of Passage for Graduating Medical Students

High noon, Thursday, March 20, was an hour of excitement and anticipation in the Medical Sciences Auditorium on Wright State's campus. Fourth-year medical students at Boonshoft School of Medicine participated in Match Day-an annual rite of passage for medical students across the country. More than 15,000 medical students nationwide learned where they will complete their physician residencies after their graduation, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Depending upon their chosen specialties, students will spend three to five years of advanced clinical training after receiving their M.D. degrees. Wright State's fourth-year medical students matched at prestigious residency training programs across the country including the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

About 45 percent matched in a primary care field (Family Medicine: 12.6%, Internal Medicine: 18.4%, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics: 1.2%, and Pediatrics: 12.6%). The balance matched in 14 other specialties: Anesthesiology: 4.6%; Emergency Medicine: 14.9%; Neurology: 2.3%; Obstetrics & Gynecology: 8.0%; Ophthalmology: 1.2%; Orthopaedic Surgery: 3.4%; Otolaryngology: 2.3%; Pathology: 1.2%; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: 1.2%; Psychiatry: 4.6%; Radiation Oncology: 1.2%; Radiology-Diagnostic: 3.4%; Surgery-General: 5.8%; Urology: 1.2%.

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Last edited on 02/19/2015.