Speaker to address smoking and health

Jeffrey Wigand, Ph.D., will share his knowledge about smoking and health with area physicians on October 6. The seminar, "Halting Addiction: Smoking and Health," hosted by Wright State's Academy of Medicine, is for all area physicians. It will be 9:00 a.m.-noon in 171 Fred A. White Health Center on the Wright State University campus. The cost for the continuing medical education (CME) program is $10.00.

Wigand achieved national prominence in 1995 when he became the tobacco industry's highest ranking former executive to address public health and smoking issues. He made the truth known to the public about the industry's disregard for health and safety during an interview with 60 Minutes. His ordeal was featured in the award-winning motion picture The Insider.

Wigand will explain the technical aspects of cigarette design, the use of additives and nicotine manipulation on the addiction of youth, and its long-term medical effects. Attendees will understand:

  • the process of how tobacco products are designed
  • tobacco product deliveries
  • what is Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  • effective and contemporary tobacco cessation modalities
  • nicotine additive nature and risk factors
  • ammonia chemistry and nicotine delivery
  • what are safer cigarettes and their performance standards, and
  • tobacco alternatives

This CME will be an invaluable educational experience for all practicing area physicians. To register for the CME program, contact (937) 775-2972.

Last edited on 04/21/2015.