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Public Health Mobile: Free Screenings to the Public

Brothers to Brothers/Sisters to Sisters is firmly dedicated to educating and informing the local community about the elevated AIDS/HIV risk experienced by African-American men and women - but its efforts do not stop at education. Beginning in late 2004, the coalition helped to sponsor the purchase of a mobile health unit. On the outside, the mobile health unit looks like any regular vehicle. Yet on the inside, it goes far beyond its image and becomes something fairly unique - an outreach unit that allows rapid HIV/AIDS testing for community members who cannot access permanent health clinics and facilities.

Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, HIV Testing & Counseling

Call (937) 225-3471 for additional scheduling or testing information.

The Public Health Mobile Unit is sponsored by the Brothers to Brothers/Sisters to Sisters Coalition and Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County.

Faith Based Seminars

Pastor Carlton Williams, Program Director of Brothers to Brothers/Sisters to Sisters, is presenting a seminar entitled Affirming A Future with Hope, Health, and Leadership. Offer in conjunction with the Wright State University School of Medicine and local churches in the Montgomery Area, the seminar will address HIV/AIDS issues in the African American community. The Health and Leadership seminar is intended to educate the community through local churches about HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and testing. Its purpose is to ultimately establish health ministries within churches so they can continue HIV/AIDS education and awareness in the future. Affirming a Future with Hope, Health, and Leadership will collaborate with the Combined Health District of Montgomery County to provide access to the public health van unit, which offers free HIV testing, for the length of the seminar.

Montgomery County churches that were participants in the seminar included:

  • Santa Clara Apostolic
  • Agape Bible Fellowship
  • United Baptist
  • Mt. Tabor
  • Faith Temple
  • Little Rock
  • Christian Discipleship
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church

*Upcoming dates and locations will be posted as they are scheduled.

Last edited on 01/30/2015.