Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

photo of the 2014 InducteesAlpha Omega Alpha is the only national honor medical society in the world. Its raison d'etre can be expressed in a phrase: to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession. As stated in the society's constitution, "Alpha Omega Alpha is organized for educational purposes exclusively and not for profit, and its aims shall be the promotion of scholarship and research in medical schools, the encouragement of a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of high attainment in medical science, practice, and related fields." To fulfill the role it has set for itself, Alpha Omega Alpha elects outstanding medical students, residents, alumni, faculty and honorary members to its ranks in an annual initiation ceremony each spring.

Eligibility for election to the fraternity requires a ranking in the upper 25 percent of the class. No more than one-sixth of the class may be elected. In addition to outstanding academic achievement, the student must demonstrate leadership, integrity and compassion. Elections to ΑΩΑ occur at the end of the third and fourth years. Students are automatically nominated/considered for election. Listed below are those who have been elected to membership in recent years.

2014 Initiates

Michael Anacker
Benjamin Bates
Ronald Brown
Jonathan Corbett
John Corker
Mark Gelpi
Kimberly Grannis
Paul Gruber
Christopher Heid
J. Robert Herald
Audra Horomanski
Paul Krebs
Douglas Laurain
Nicholas Moore
Graham Pallante
Meredith Pesce
Mary Runkle
Peter Shorten

Rishi Gandhi, M.D.
Damien Morgan, D.O.
Whitney Warren, D.O.

Sabrina Neeley, Ph.D.
Albert Painter, Psy.D.

2013 Initiates

Lisa Anacker
Thomas Bacon
Kathryn Baker
Robert Beaulieu
Briana Costello
Stephen Donnelly
Sara Elswick
Patrick Feasel
Ryan Hamilton
Bradley Kuhn
Poori Manohar
Brandon Pollak
Elizabeth Ranasinghe
Ronald Schroeder
Scott Seider
Lucy Shi
Catherine Ulman
Kevin Yavorcik

Tiffany Mazur, M.D.
Laura Bridge, M.D.
Indresh Venkatarayappa, M.D.

Karen Kirkham, M.D.

2012 Initiates

Matthew P. Abraham
Katherine A. Backes
Stephanie N. Buchanan
Saranya R. Cinnappan
Kevin T. Gulley
Thomas J. Hagele
Eric W. Hard
Avash Kalra
Aram B. Loeb
Jacob D. Luthman
Nicole E. Majoras
Colleen M. McCormick
Jeff L. Otte
Ryan W. Schmucker
Jason E. Thuener
Tasha Vardya

Charles Chiang, M.D.
Anthony Gale, M.D.
Frank Russo, M.D.

Deepak Sarwal, M.D.
Steven Swedlund, M.D.
Teresa Zryd, M.D.

2011 Initiates

Omar Abousoud
Sean Ankrom
Michael Baria
Jason Broomhall
Nicholas Creasap
Brian T. Dietrich
Joshua Evans
Ashkahn Golshani
Jessica Guinness
Matthew T. Koroscil
Sean Lewis
Jeremy A. Moore
Perry S. Poteet
Lauren Reusing
Jessica Secor
Jonathan Slaughter
Christopher Warrell

Capt. Joshua A. Hamilton, M.D.

Nicole J. Borges, Ph.D.
Ashley K. Fernandes, M.D., Ph.D.

2010 Initiates

Erin L. Brattoli
Megan M. Chambers
Jason R. Ferrel
Melanie E. Golembiewski
Jessica E. Guyer
Jennifer C. King
Katrina F. Lambert
Crystal R. Lantz
Y. Grace Liao
Aminata N. Mansaray
Laura D. Phillips-Chou
Shanthi S. Ramesh
Jeffrey S. Robinson
Lindsay M. Stollings

Ryan P. Finnan, M.D.
Christopher Manetta, D.O.
Muddassir Mehmood, M.B.B.S.

Terry L. Correll, D.O.

2009 Initiates

Matthew Armstrong
Nicole Carignan
Elizabeth Davis
Brandi R. Hartley
Matthew S. Hensler
Brian Imbrogno
Benjamin M. Mack
Justin Mandell
Brian Pennington
Christopher M. Redman
Jeremy N. Reese
John L. Roebel
Maria Shaker, President
Courtney M. Stroble
Gregory M. Thompson
Michelle E. Treasure
Kirk E. Whetstone

Shabana Dewani, M.B.B.S.
David Hart, M.D.
Ross Schumer, M.D.

Thomas E. Herchline, M.D.

2008 Initiates

Deborah M. Amann
Tyler M. Angelos
Julia O. Burrow
William K. Cornwell
Beth R. Davis
Jason R. Faber
Daniel B. Flora
Richard N. Greene
Bryan S. Jewell
Sonal Kishore
Scott T. Leffler
Jacob S. McAfee
David W. Morris
Dipika M. Patel
Kyle L. Randall
Sarah B. VonLehmden

David J. Dalstrom, M.D.
Jason T. Hedrick, M.D.
Charles Brock Miller, M.D.

Dean X. Parmelee, M.D.
Jerome J. Schulte, Jr., M.D.

2007 Initiates

Gary Bixler
Kavita Kuchipudi
Joseph Meranda
Gayatri Patel
Christine Pham

Pritam Polkampally, M.D.

Arthur Pickoff, M.D.
Brenda Roman, M.D.

Julie Gentile, M.D.
Dennis Brown, M.D.

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