Medical Student Home and Hearth Program

Congratulations on being invited for an interview at Boonshoft School of Medicine! To find out more about Wright State AND save money on hotel accommodations, you can stay overnight with our medical students. These students are diverse in background and education, as well as stage of medical school training, and all of them have volunteered to have interviewees stay in their homes for an evening. If you stay with a student, you should plan to pay for your own meals and, since most of our medical students live off campus, you may still need a rental car. Please email one of our student hosts in the following chart if you are interested. Current medical students who wish to volunteer for the program should submit this form.

Name & email Sex Accommodations Pets? Others in home? Smoking okay?
Brittany Abeldt F Couch or air mattress No No Outside only.
Jenna Braun F I have couches or a bed (an extra mattress, no frame) Yes Yes No
Jesse Cannella M We have a comfortable couch with sheets/blankets/linens, as well as extra towels and toiletries. My bathroom shower and kitchen are all available for use.  I can also offer coffee, tea, breakfast of yogurt and fruit. Anyone is welcome! No Yes, female roommate No
Catherine Chungag F I have a spare bedroom and a shared bathroom. It's a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhouse located about 8 minutes from campus. I could also offer transportation depending on time and schedule. No Yes, my husband and 2 daughters. Outside only
Jack Defant M My roommate (Nick Capaci) and I live 5 minutes from campus in a very safe area. We have two couches you can sleep on. We have television, wifi, and basic toiletries. We have some basic streaming services as well (Hulu, Showtime).  I'd be happy to provide transportation to the interview if I'm available or heading to campus around the same time. Nick and I are usually studying in our rooms so the place is typically peaceful. No Yes. Nick Capaci. Outside only.
Tema Fodje F My roommate and I can provide an air mattress or the couch in our living room for you to sleep on. Our bathrooms and the kitchen are available for you to use. We can provide a ride to your interview and possibly to and from the airport if our schedules permit. We live 5 minutes from campus and our apartment will provide a very relaxed environment the night before your interview! No Yes. Immanuella Boah (fellow M1) No
Shaveonte Graham F Blow-up mattress, blankets, and towels. I can provide food, but the applicant will have to cook for themselves. I can provide rides to and from the airport and/or to and from the interview if my schedule permits. Yes No No
Farrah Hagblom F There is a spare bedroom with a queen bed and closet ready to go! Yes Yes, our house consists of two first-year medical students. Outside only.
Deanne Locker F I can offer a guestroom with its own restroom and closet. Yes Yes, my husband, daughter and our dog. No
Carolina B. Nadal Medina F I have a futon with blankets and pillows in the private lofted area in my apartment. Full kitchen with snacks and a cat who loves to cuddle! Yes No Outside only.
Daniele Modderman F Flexible in providing whatever is needed. I am willing to give an interviewing student my room and bathroom for the night. I have a very friendly cat and would prefer female students only. Yes Yes, my roommate Melanie Sich. No
Tamiel Murray F I can offer a couch, toiletries, food, airport pickup and return, as well as a ride to the interview. No No No
Grace Owens F I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my roommate near campus. We can offer an air mattress in the living room. Yes Yes, Danielle Corbin (also a student, M1) No
Melanie Sich F We have an apartment with a couch or sleeping pad, and a bathroom.  Yes Yes, my roommate Daniele Modderman. No
Kinaya Smith F Couch to sleep on No No No
Katrina Thede F I have an air mattress in the living room. No Yes, one roommate who is an M1. No
Julia Townsend F My roommates and I have a couch, a futon, and an air mattress. No Yes No
Adaku Ume F I have a queen-size blow-up mattress, free wifi and a peaceful environment for the night before your BSOM interview! No No No
Marie Walters F I can offer a guestroom and guest bathroom. Yes Yes, my boyfriend (BSOM grad) and our baby Outside only.
Joe Wiedemer M We have a couch and a bathroom you can use. We live close to campus and would love to have anyone looking for a place to crash before their interview? No Chris Cooley (M2)
Brenden Drerup (M2)
Outside only.
Last edited on 11/25/2019.