Medical Student Home and Hearth Program

Congratulations on being invited for an interview at Boonshoft School of Medicine! To find out more about Wright State AND save money on hotel accommodations, you can stay overnight with our medical students. These students are diverse in background and education, as well as stage of medical school training, and all of them have volunteered to have interviewees stay in their homes for an evening. If you stay with a student, you should plan to pay for your own meals and, since most of our medical students live off campus, you may still need a rental car. Please email one of our student hosts in the following chart if you are interested. Current medical students who wish to volunteer for the program should submit this form.

Year I

Name & email Sex School Accommodations Pets? Others in home? Smoking okay?
Maura Curran F Western New England University We have a futon in our living room, and are very close to the school. Yes Yes there are two other M1s, and two cats No
Farrah Hagblom F University of California, Irvine There is a spare bedroom with a queen bed and closet ready to go! Yes Yes, our house consists of two first-year medical students. Outside only.

Year II

Name & email Sex School Accommodations Pets? Others in home? Smoking okay?
Carolyn Comes F University of Notre Dame Couch and pull-out, washer/dryer, etc. and a 10-minute drive to campus. Yes One small and very friendly dog No
Karmela Dalisay F University of Notre Dame We have a pull out couch and an air mattress, and we are very close to the medical school. No Yes, two other second year medical
Eric Lee M Miami University We have a spare bedroom and are less than 15 minutes from school. We'll have towels, toiletries, etc., and we'll probably have snacks too! No My wife Christy (PT student) No
Jonathan Pentz M Ohio State University I live alone in a two bedroom 1 1/2 bath condo. The second bedroom/office has a futon. BSOM is within walking distance. No No No

Emily Stone


Ohio State University

You'd have a guest room all to yourself. :) We have towels, toiletries, snacks, games, a nice backyard swing if you miss being a kid, a puppy who will snuggle into your face, and advice/comfort for the application and interview process.


Husband, Dak (engineer downtown Dayton)


Christina Wamsley


Northeastern University

We can offer a futon couch in the living room, and it’s a 5-minute drive to campus. Not the most comfortable, but we have extra pillows and blankets, so you are welcome to stay here!


Female roommate, MS2 at WSUBSOM.


Taylor Yeates F Ohio State University A full guest room and bathroom is available. We also have a 1-year-old chocolate lab who loves company. Yes My boyfriend, Shane. No

Year III

Name & email Sex School Accommodations Pets? Others in home? Smoking okay?
Ben Wainblat M University of Rochester Futon with blankets and pillows in common room. No One male third-year and one female first-year. Outside only.

Year IV

Name & email Sex School Accommodations Pets? Others in home? Smoking okay?
Kara Callahan F Cedarville University We have three spare beds and there is an extra bathroom in the basement if you wish to have your own space. We will supply towels and bedding and do our best to accommodate whatever other needs you have. We live closer to downtown, so it's about 15 minutes to BSOM. No My husband Max. No


Last edited on 10/10/2017.