Apply to the M.D. In Three


Application reviews and interviews will be conducted during February and March. Final decisions will be made by April 1 of first year of medical school. 

Application and CV must be submitted by 5pm on January 31st (of first year of medical school).


The application to the M.D. in Three can be accessed in BAMS under “Courses” > “Non-Curricular Events” > “3YR”.  Download the application and save it as “LastName application”.  Complete and submit to M.D. in Three Dropbox. 


Submit current CV via M.D. in Three Dropbox. 

Programs will review applications and conduct interviews during February and March.

Final decisions will be made by April 1st (of first year of medical school).


Requirements for Continuance in the M.D. in Three

  1. Pass USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt.
  2. Pass all Foundations modules on the first attempt.
  3. Participate in once or twice monthly clinical afternoons with Residency faculty during the second year of the Foundations curriculum.
  4. Have positive performance reviews every six months with the Residency Program Director and the Clerkship Director during the second and third years.
  5. Pass all clerkships on the first attempt.
  6. Advance through the medical school curriculum without any delays or leaves of absence.
  7. Meet all professionalism and communication milestones.
  8. Apply for residency through the NRMP Match Program.
  9. Pass Step 2 CK on the first attempt.
  10. Meet all educational program objectives and graduation requirements of the traditional four year curriculum.
Last edited on 11/22/2021.