Short-Term Training Program to Increase Diversity in Health-Related Research (STREAMS)

Program Activities

STREAMS participantsConduct Research with a Faculty Mentor

As a STREAMS participant, you will be involved in hands-on research in a state-of-the-art biomedical laboratory with a faculty mentor matched to your academic background and areas of interest. You will work under the supervision of the mentor as a member of the lab team to conduct an individualized research project and present the results at the annual STREAMS Poster Symposium.

Attend Faculty Seminars and Lectures and Participate in a Journal Club

While you are a STREAMS participant, you will spend a majority of your time doing lab research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. You also will gain valuable experience reading papers from the primary literature, presenting scientific talks and exploring the social and ethical implications of scientific research.

Tour Procter & Gamble Research Facilities

Students will tour Procter & Gamble research facilities to learn about research and development. All expenses, including meals and travel expenses, are paid.

Last edited on 02/12/2016.