Marketing and Communications

Web Publishing Policy & Guidelines

The World Wide Web allows the Boonshoft School of Medicine to promote its activities and educational opportunities to an international community as well as to our internal community of faculty, staff, alumni and students. The school's website ( and the Wright State Physicians website ( are maintained by the Office of Marketing and Communications. All medical school-affiliated departments, programs and organizations may have web pages on the university’s public web server. For assistance in setting up a new web page or for updating an existing one, contact the Boonshoft School of Medicine web team in the Office of Marketing and Communications, at

As with all school communications, official school web pages must promote a positive image of both the university and school. Web templates have been developed as a key branding component for the school to allow interior navigation for departments and programs while maintaining an overarching theme. The designs also address cross-platform and cross-browser display issues and ensure that the school's websites adhere to Web Accessibility Standards as set forth in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Pages that are in violation of university policies and guidelines will be subject to immediate removal. (See: World Wide Web Policy and Copyright Policy.)

Consistent use of the school’s trademarks and identity standards is a critical component of a website that is a recruiting tool for medical, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral students, and residents, faculty and staff. For this reason, externally designed or maintained websites are discouraged. For more information on our identity standards, including the use of logos and colors, view the school’s Brand Guidelines.

Medical school web pages are viewed more than 70,000 times per month, according to web analytics tracked by the Office of Marketing and Communications. The office has regularly surveyed web visitors to evaluate how effective the site is in communicating with our many publics. About half our visitors are prospective students or residents, and almost 65 percent have never visited the website before. Offices and departments that want information about how many people visit their their web pages should contact the web team at

Because the university provides a means for faculty and personal pages on the website, the school does not house individual web pages for faculty, staff or students on its server. (See: Create Your Profile for more information.)

Social Media Policy

Online social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have taken on increasing importance in both personal and professional life. These social media offer unique opportunities for people to interact and build relationships and have great potential to enhance interpersonal and professional communication. As health care professionals with unique social and ethical obligations, medical students, resident physicians and medical school faculty must be keenly aware of the public nature of social media and the permanent nature of its content.

The Boonshoft School of Medicine has implemented a Social Media Policy to ensure that actions taken on the social Internet by members of the medical school community reflect the school’s core values of professionalism, compassion, accountability, integrity, honor, acceptance of diversity and commitment to ethical behavior. View the Social Media Policy here.

Last edited on 01/25/2019.