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Global Health Certificate Program

global-health-certificate.pngThe Global Health (GH) Certificate Program is for graduate students who want to acquire skills and a broad-based knowledge in global health. Global health is interdisciplinary, involving political, cultural, economic and environmental considerations that affect the health of communities and individuals around the world.

The goal of global health is to promote population health, safety and well-being, and to eliminate health and social disparities worldwide. Global health professionals develop innovative solutions to challenging health problems, particularly in resource-limited environments. The GH Certificate Program serves as a valuable qualification and differentiator for those who want to work in global health internationally or in our globalized world.

Global health needs professionals from multiple disciplines such as public health, nursing, medicine, international relations, engineering and business. The GH Certificate Program promotes inter-professional learning and prepares you for work in collaborative team environments in global careers in health care, government (USAID, CDC), non-governmental organizations, and the private sector (global health consultancy and project development).

The Global Health Certificate Program is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Department of Population & Public Health Sciences at the Boonshoft School of Medicine and the Master of Arts in International and Comparative Politics, both at Wright State University.

For those students who intend to pursue a global health career, it is recommended that they also complete a global health practicum in addition to the certificate. The global health practicum includes an international experience through participation in one of the internships offered by Child Family Health International.  The director of the Center for Global Health can provide guidance regarding the most suitable path for students to follow based on future career plans.

Program of Study

To earn the Certificate in Global Health (GH), students must successfully complete Global Health (PPH 7710) along with two (2) three-credit-hour global health-related electives. Below is a list of approved elective courses:

Students may choose to complete the Global Health Certificate with two required courses and one elective (9 credits) or three courses and PPH 8110, Global Health Practicum, a global health internship through Child Family Health International (11 credits). The 11 credit option is recommended for those pursuing a career in global health.

Application Process

To be admitted to the program, students must first be accepted into the WSU Graduate School and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Minimum graduate school requirements include an earned bachelor’s and/or advanced graduate degree from an accredited college or university.

If you are not currently enrolled at WSU, you can apply online as a non-degree student through the WSU Graduate School. During the online application process, you will have an opportunity to select the GH Certificate Program and to submit required documents.

If you are a current graduate student enrolled at WSU, please complete the online Certificate in Global Health Application only.  You will not need to apply through the WSU Graduate School.

All applicants should submit the online Global Health Certificate Program application along with a one- to two-page personal statement describing your professional background and interest in the program.

Certificate Program Cost

The cost of the GH Certificate program will be graduate tuition and program fee (if required by the course).  As of 2016, the program fee is $447 per course for all PPH courses.

For More Information

Review Certificate Student Handbook 

For questions regarding admissions or administration, please contact Ron Combs, Certificate Program Coordinator, by phone at (937) 775-1300 or by email at

For additional programmatic questions, please contact Cristina Redko, Ph.D., director of the GH certificate program, by phone at (937) 775-1430, or by email at

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