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Public Health Grand Rounds


Nov. 19, 2015: Public Health Grand Rounds
Tuberculosis: A Worldwide Killer

Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Steven D. Burdette, M.D., FIDSA, professor of internal medicine, Infectious Disease Fellowship director, Boonshoft School of Medicine
  • Amy Schmitt, R.N., B.S.N., Public Health Nurse, Tuberculosis Program manager, Greene County Public Health

In 2013, 9 million persons worldwide developed tuberculosis (TB) and 1.5 million died from the disease, which is estimated to be at least 6,000 years old. The World Health Organization reports that TB is "second only to HIV/AIDS as the greatest killer worldwide due to a single infectious agent."

How do we know who has TB? How can we identify those who have been exposed to TB? Who needs treatment and of what kind? This presentation will consider new diagnostic methods and management challenges of this ancient affliction. The target audience is health professionals, educators, students and interested community members.

April 23, 2015: Public Health Grand Rounds
The Affordable Care Act after five years: Expanding health coverage in Ohio

Speaker: Hugh F. “Trey” Daly III, J.D.

photo of hugh "trey" dalyHugh F. “Trey” Daly III, J.D., is the Ohio State Director of Enroll America, a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing the number of Americans who obtain quality, affordable health coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act. He is a graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati and the University of Kentucky College of Law in Lexington. Prior to joining Enroll America in 2013, he was an attorney with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati from 1990 to 2013, focusing on health coverage and disability benefits. For his work on expanding access to health care, he was awarded the 2010 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Community Health Leader award.


  • How many uninsured Ohioans have obtained health coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act?
  • Why do some uninsured people enroll in coverage while others do not?
  • How are people using the coverage they have gained as a result of the ACA?
  • What does the future for health care coverage enrollment look like?

PHAB logoFeb. 26, 2015: Public Health Grand Rounds
Wow! We're accredited! Where are we now and where do we go from here?


  • Erik Balster, M.P.H., R.S., R.E.H.S., Health Commissioner, Preble County General Health District
  • Lynne M. Saddler, M.D., M.P.H., District Director of Health, Northern Kentucky Health Department
  • Matthew A. Stefanak, III, M.P.H., Health Commissioner (retired May 2012), Mahoning County; District Board of Health; Ambassador/Instructor, College of Public Health, Kent State University; Affiliate, Center for Public Policy and Health, Kent State University

Topic: As part of the state's health assessment and health improvement plan, Ohio's public health departments must be accredited to receive state support. The accreditation process is long, complicated and can be disruptive. Erik Balster, a health commissioner who has gone through the process, understands why public health departments may be asking "What's the cost-benefit ratio for health departments that complete the PHAB accreditation process?"

To answer that question, the speakers will provide an overview of what the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) hopes will come from accreditation, followed by real life descriptions of what the accreditation process has accomplished for two health departments. Time will be provided following the presentation for questions from the audience.


photo of ebola virusNov. 14, 2014: Public Health Grand Rounds
Ebola: What we need to know in southwest Ohio

Speakers: Steven D. Burdette, M.D., FIDSA, professor of internal medicine and director of the Infectious Disease Fellowship Program, Boonshoft School of Medicine; and Amy Schmitt, R.N., B.S.N., public health nurse, Greene County Combined Health District

Topic: This program will present information about Ebola, the current outbreak and the public health response affecting Ohio.

public health dayton and montgomery county logoOct. 23, 2014: Public Health Grand Rounds
Clearing the Air: The Story behind Public Health — Dayton & Montgomery County's (PHDMC) Nicotine and Tobacco Policy

Speakers: Jim Gross, M.P.H., Montgomery County Health Commissioner; and Bruce Barcelo, M.S., CTTS, Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Manager, PHDMC; Tobacco-Free Montgomery County Co-Lead; and Ohio Tobacco-Free Alliance Chair-elect

Topic: Creating a nicotine/tobacco-free workplace has been largely addressed by many private sector employers throughout the country.  The public sector has been reluctant to follow this trend. This Public Health Grand Rounds will provide an inside view of how Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County developed and implemented one of the country’s most comprehensive public policies for a nicotine/tobacco-free workplace.

photo of mary whiteApril 15, 2014: Public Health Grand Rounds
Climate Change and Public Health: Uncertain Ethics for Uncertain Times

Speaker: Mary T. White, M.Div., Ed.M., Ph.D.
Director, Division of Medical Humanities
Professor, Community Health, Boonshoft School of Medicine

Climate change is having diverse consequences around the world, many of which threaten public health. This presentation reviewed the traditional role and responsibilities of public health, some key ethical perspectives relevant to climate change, the APHA policy statement on climate change and Dayton’s current response plans. The question at issue: How should our local public health community respond to climate change? Should it limit its scope to that of recent years or does the enormity of the challenge call for a different understanding of public health’s ethical responsibilities?

one health logoMarch 21, 2014: Public Health Grand Rounds
A One Health Approach to Disease Outbreak: A Public Health Emergency Response

A good all-hazards response plan is critical to management of a serious public health event. Health professionals often don't have opportunities to practice using their all-hazards response plans. This half-day tabletop exercise used a multifaceted disease outbreak to guide multidisciplinary teams through the steps of a disease investigation.

March 12, 2014: Public Health Grand Rounds
MARCHing Toward Coverage — Update on implementation of the Affordable Care Act

photo of hugh "trey" daly

get covered america logo

Presenter: Hugh F. “Trey” Daly III, Ohio State Director, Enroll America

This presentation covered the key components of the Affordable Care Act related to quality, affordable health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace and expanded Medicaid, and provided an update on implementation during the first open enrollment period. Enroll America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization focused on maximizing the number of Americans who are enrolled in and retain health coverage.


photo of leiyu shiOctober 15, 2013: Public Health Grand Rounds
Current U.S. Healthcare Delivery: The Challenge to Serve Vulnerable Populations

Speaker: Leiyu Shi, Dr.P.H., M.B.A., M.P.A.

Dr. Leiyu Shi is Professor of health policy and health services research from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Health Policy and Management, and Director of Johns Hopkins Primary Care Policy Center. He received his doctoral education from University of California, Berkeley majoring in health policy and services research. He also has a master’s in business administration focusing on finance. Dr. Shi’s research focuses on primary care, health disparities, and vulnerable populations. He has conducted extensive studies about the association between primary care and health outcomes, particularly on the role of primary care in mediating the adverse impact of income inequality on health outcomes.

September 11, 2013: Public Health Grand Rounds
The State of the Region's Trauma Centers

Trauma is a key component of our health care system’s readiness in times of disaster. This program will be a panel discussion featuring professionals in the field of trauma. The panel will examine the current state of trauma programs, how these programs have changed since 9/11, and consider the possible impact of changes in healthcare on trauma programs.

Moderator: Mark E. Gebhart, M.D., F.A.A.E.M., Associate Professor of Community Health

April 18, 2013: Public Health Grand Rounds
The Affordable Care Act and its Impact on Ohio

Presenter: Amy Rohling McGee
President, Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO)

HPIO President Amy Rohling McGee discussed the facts, the issues, and the implications of the Affordable Care Act in Ohio.

March 19, 2013: Public Health Grand Rounds
Disability Awareness: A Call to Build Community Partners

Presenter: Julie L. Williams, Psy.D., ABPP, C.R.C.

In this interactive session, Dr. Julie Williams explores disability as a social construction resulting in largely negative beliefs about disability. She introduces a new paradigm of disability that is informed by a social minority model, in which disability is viewed as an identity to be celebrated.

February 6, 2013: Public Health Grand Rounds
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The Facts, the Misconceptions, and the Community

Did you know that alcohol can affect a baby at any time during pregnancy? Did you know that FASD is highly underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed in individuals?


November 6, 2012: Public Health Grand Rounds
Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations

How do vulnerable populations experience health disparities? What interventions and prevention efforts are effective? Join a panel of area health educators and health professionals in a discussion about health disparities.

Download the event flyer (PDF)

September 11, 2012: Public Health Grand Rounds
9/11: Eleven Years After

Are we better prepared today to respond to terrorism, bioterrorism, pandemic and natural disasters than we were on September 11, 2001?  Join us as a panel of area emergency response experts considers this question.

Download the event flyer (PDF)

July 10, 2012: Public Health Grand Rounds
Active Aging

Components of active aging include keeping one's brain functioning optimally, engaging in regular exercise and establishing/maintaining and enhancing social contacts.

Download the event flyer (PDF)

photo of christy porucznikMay 8, 2012: Public Health Grand Rounds
Prescription Opioid Adverse Events in Utah – Research into Practice and Back Again

Delta Omega Lecturer: Christy Porucznik, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.
Assistant Professor, Public Health Program, University of Utah

Download the event flyer (PDF)

photo of linda smithMarch 13, 2012: Public Health Grand Rounds
Infant Feeding in Emergencies

Lecturer: Linda J. Smith, M.P.H., FACCE, IBCLC, FILCA
Bright Future Lactation Resource Centre, Ltd.

Download the event flyer (PDF)

January 10, 2012: Public Health Grand Rounds
Revolution/Evolution: Current State of Health Information Exchange

Lecturer: Katherine Cauley, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Healthy Communities
Professor, Community Health


October 4, 2011: Public Health Grand Rounds
Spend a Morning with Ohio Department of Health Director Theodore E. Wymyslo, M.D.
Topic: National Prevention Strategy: America's Plan for Better Health and Wellness

Guest Lecturer: Theodore E. Wymyslo, M.D., Director, Ohio Department of Health

July 22, 2011: Public Health Grand Rounds
The Worldwide ReNu®-Related Fusarium Keratitis Epidemic of 2004-2006: What Would The Reverend Henry Whitehead and Doctor John Snow Have Done?

Guest Lecturer: John D. Bullock, M.D., M.P.H., M.Sc.
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist
Clinical Professor of Community Health
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Download the event flyer (PDF)

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