Division of Social & Behavioral Determinants of Health

Predisposing, Enabling and Reinforcing Factors

Behaviors are still among the most influential factors to determine whether people live long and healthy lives. The PER worksheet is a tool that helps students and public health professionals sort and organize various factors from across health behavior change theories and research into common, easy-to-understand categories. This process results in a rich understanding of the science of behavior change necessary for implementing programs and policies of change.

The updated version of the PER worksheet (2017) features a new interactive form that enables practitioners to cluster concepts and see patterns of behavioral precursors. Predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors are concepts within the PRECEDE-PROCEED planning model developed by Dr. Larry Green. The PER worksheet complements the structure within this model.

The PER worksheet (PDF) was developed by Marietta Orlowski, Ph.D., MCHES, Associate Professor at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, and Jeff Hallam, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean at Kent State University College of Public Health.

Predisposing, Enabling and Reinforcing Factors
Last edited on 10/20/2017.