American Medical Association—Medical Student Section

Founded more than 150 years ago, the AMA's strategic agenda remains rooted in our historic commitment to standards, ethics, excellence in medical education and practice, and advocacy on behalf of the medical profession and the patients it serves. AMA's work includes the development and promotion of standards in medical practice, research and education; a strong advocacy agenda on behalf of patients and physicians; and a commitment to providing accurate, timely information and discourse on matters important to the health of America. The AMA strives to serve as the voice of the American medical profession. Being that voice is our mission.

Our members, who are our most valuable resource, address the changes that surround them in today's health care environment through the debates that occur at annual and semi-annual House of Delegates meetings. The end result is the creation of policies that direct AMA's immediate work activities, as well as provide progress toward reaching our long-term vision. As a member of AMA you will receive the Journal of the American Medical Association, as well as discounts on books, services and other learning material. Usually, the AMA gives out free Netter's Atlas Flashcards, First Aid or other learning materials to new members upon joining the AMA.



Faculty Advisors

Ken Miller, M.D.,

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