Medical Students for Choice Student Interest Group

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Mary White

Executive Board

  1. Co-leaders

Quarterly Meeting Dates

  • Initial interest meeting 2/24/2017
  • Next club meeting: 3/13/1017
  • Next E-board meeting: Planned Mid March

Mission statement

The purpose of this organization is to increase education, awareness, and open discussion regarding issues of reproductive health and to support those within the medical community who are working to ensure the availability of all reproductive health care services.

Group Goals

  • Increase awareness on the importance of reproductive choice and how it impacts the medical student community
  • Provide educational lectures on reproductive health, medical abortion education, and reproductive ethics to medical students

Why does BSOM need a MSFC group?

Medical Students for Choice at Boonshoft School of Medicine would provide an accessible entity on campus that provides students interested in any field of medicine (including but not limited to the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology or Family Medicine) opportunities to improve upon competencies in sexual health concerns as well as contraceptives and family planning information. Further, it provides a safe forum for a centralized cohort of students that believe the right to choose family planning and safe access to abortion services is a right that physician may choose to advocate and protect on the behalf of their patients’ autonomy as well as their practical scope. The purpose of this organization on our campus would be to increase educational opportunities to learn more about family planning and abortion services as well as an outlet for advocacy. 


Last edited on 08/13/2018.