American Medical Women’s Association

The American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) is a national network of nearly 11,000 female physicians and medical students who share many professional and personal values and concerns. The Wright State chapter meets once a month and provides a range of interesting speakers and topics pertinent to women in medicine.

The Wright State chapter’s primary purpose is to provide a space for women in the profession to come together, not just to discuss both the obvious and more subtle differences in the experience of women in the medical field from that of men in this male-dominated field, but to strive for equality. We recognize that this cannot mean excluding men but rather encouraging their involvement in any dialogue. This is evident through our appointment of male representatives to promote wider male involvement.

Another of our goals is to promote awareness of women’s health issues through literature dissemination, themed events and collaborations with interest groups. Finally, AMWA brings students into contact with female professionals in the community in relaxed settings to promote conversation, camaraderie and mentorship.



Faculty Advisor

Mary White, Ph.D.,

Last edited on 06/05/2020.