Boonshoft Gastronomy Club

The Boonshoft Gastronomy Club is an organization dedicated to fostering an appreciation for food in its various roles in our lives. Diet and nutrition are aspects of everyday life that affect our everyday well-being. Through the Gastronomy Club, medical students can participate in bimonthly meetings that include large social gatherings at local restaurants, and smaller group meals to learn home-cook recipes. In addition, students have the opportunity to volunteer at House of Bread, serving meals to those in need, starting in fall 2016. Food is what brings all us together, and it is our aim to cultivate a sense of community in the medical school, and in the local Dayton area, through our mutual love of good eating.


  1. Educate students on home cooking methods to foster healthy living
  2. Provide food-oriented service opportunities in the local community
  3. Build relationships with local restaurants and food vendors
  4. Foster a welcoming social environment amidst the rigorous academic setting
  5. Equip students with knowledge that can be translated to optimal patient care

Board Members

Faculty Advisor

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