Business of Medicine (BAM)

The purpose of Business of Medicine is to take an interdisciplinary approach towards educating medical students on various aspects of business and how they relate to the medical field. The ultimate goal of the program is to help create more well-rounded future physicians that are able to better understand the inner workings of the health care system that they will inevitably become a part of. This will be accomplished by lectures and workshops led by industry experts and physician-entrepreneurs.


To help create more well-rounded future physicians with a capacity to understand the inner workings of our dynamic healthcare system.

Goals & Activities

  • Educate medical students on the complexities surrounding healthcare challenges through seminars on drug pricing and the physician shortage
  • Expose those interested in primary care, family medicine, and/or private practice on alternative patient care models such as Direct Primary Care
  • Enlighten the Boonshoft community on non-traditional uses of a MD degree including medical director, CMO, policy making, payor/provider initiatives, pharma/med device advancements, etc.

Faculty Advisor

Mary J. Trout, PharmD

Second-Year Board Members

Last edited on 06/15/2020.