Journal Club

As medical students we learn a lot of interesting information. Some of it we will use in the future and some of it we will soon forget and never recall again. As medical students we spend a lot of time on things that may or may not be helpful in our future careers. During our time in medical school, there are some things that are necessary for us to be successful and happy in our careers as physicians. We have to accurately decide where our passion lies, and we have to build habits and skills that will help us be successful in the career we choose. This is where the Journal Club comes in.

The most important decision we will make as medical students will be what field of medicine we choose to pursue. This decision will affect our lives in a profound way. Each Journal Club meeting will be dedicated to a specific specialty. Through this format we will gain valuable insight into the fields of medicine that are available. Did you know there are over 100 specialties and hundreds of subspecialties. Through club meetings you just may find a passion that otherwise you would never have known.

As practicing physicians we will need to be able to efficiently look at current research and decide whether it should be incorporated into our practice. During Journal Club meetings we present and discuss journal articles that are pertinent to specific specialties. Each meeting will be dedicated to a specific specialty and an attending physician will be there to aid in the discussion of the article. As we repeatedly present and discuss journal articles, we will become proficient in the skills needed to evaluate scientific research. This skill will be vital to our success as medical students, residents, and physicians.

Come to the Journal Club. Good food, great friends, and good discussion are just some of the things you will find at club meetings.


Faculty Advisor

Last edited on 10/02/2017.