Medical Ethics Interest Group


The realm of medicine requires an understanding of ethics — it is unavoidable. Some would argue that a background in medical ethics is becoming even more relevant as the age of technology and innovation outpaces legal guidelines on how to handle certain situations. An aging population, advances in genetically-based medicine and our ever improving ability to keep people alive with sophisticated technology are just a few topics constantly addressed by physicians that highlight the need for ethically-based decision making. As future physicians concerned with improving every aspect of our quality of care, this area is of great importance to us. We cannot be confident that we are serving our patients in the best way possible if we are not confident that we are practicing in a manner deemed ethically appropriate. For this reason, the Medical Ethics Interest Group would like to promote and add to the medical ethics exposure of the students of the Boonshoft School of Medicine. Our hope is to prepare our school’s medical students to confidently tackle the difficult situations that they may face in their careers as physicians. In addition, we hope to instill a continued interest in medical ethics because the ever-changing landscape of this field requires the same dedication to life-long learning as the practice of medicine. It is our belief that a physician concerned and interested in ethical medical practice offers a more holistic approach to medicine and improves quality of care.



Faculty Advisor

Last edited on 09/12/2017.