One Accord


One Accord is an organization founded on the desire to continue personal and professional leadership development, establish the basis for an interactive community and foster the growth of relationships between future physicians and patients.  In this way we promote awareness in the developing physician and anchor the individual in their institutional and societal communities.

As medical students, we arrive having much to learn in the classroom, however OA hopes to not forget various leaders in our present communities who can offer valuable insight into the overlap of their fields with medicine. Through partnerships with current organizations such as SNMA and Westwood Community School Center we hope to provide motivational mentoring and guidance to youths of the community regardless of them having aspirations to medicine or not. It is just as important, for us as the physicians-in-training, to keep our goals and aspirations in perspective while on this arduous journey and become aware of our medical culture outside of the clinical aspect. This will be accomplished by partnering with policy and business personnel.

One Accord hopes to foster an educational, relaxing and reflective environment for students in which we focus on cultivating the medical student as a leader, a well-rounded, integrated individual, so that they may positively contribute to all their spheres of influence.


Faculty Advisor

Last edited on 10/04/2016.