Refugee Student Alliance

The purpose of this organization shall be to broaden the outreach of both Wright State University (hereafter referred to as WSU) and Boonshoft School of Medicine (hereafter referred to as BSOM) to local refugee communities while also serving to expose university students to the challenges and hardships of refugees and their families. This purpose shall be fulfilled via: (1) recruitment and training of volunteers (for the purposes of tutoring/mentoring) composed of members of the general student bodies of both WSU and BSOM; (2) collaboration with existing on-campus organizations as well as community organizations dedicated, in part, to the local refugee communities; (3) informational general body meetings with guest speakers and/or documentary film viewings. It is the hope of RSA to promote concern and awareness of the WSU and BSOM student bodies towards the local Dayton refugee communities and to advocate understanding and respect among all races, religions, and cultures via community outreach.


Faculty Advisor


  • Tutoring through DPS/CSS during school year
  • CSS Warehouse cleaning in the fall
  • Pick-up soccer game in the fall/spring
  • Welcome Dayton Healthcare, spring
Last edited on 06/18/2020.