Convocation & White Coat Ceremony


We welcomed 108 students to the class of 2020 at the Convocation & White Coat Ceremony on July 17 at the Schuster Performing Arts Center.


Eight Great Reasons to Choose Wright State

Whether you’re ready to apply to medical school or just beginning to explore your options, we’re excited that you’ve found us.

Commencement Ceremony


Members of the Boonshoft School of Medicine class of 2016 were awarded M.D. degrees during graduation on May 27.


Match Day 2016

Wright State students matched in outstanding programs, including Stanford University, University of Michigan, University of Southern California and Wake Forest.

Remen Institute joins Wright State

The Institute for the Study of Health and Illness, founded and directed by Rachel Remen, M.D., who spoke at the first Medical-Spirituality Conference here in 2009, has partnered with Boonshoft School of Medicine.


Madhavi Kadakia

Skin cancer, esophageal cancer and endometriosis are all on Madhavi Kadakia’s hit list. The Wright State researcher uses high-tech equipment and her expertise in genetics to help diagnose and treat these sometimes deadly diseases.
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Richard DeWall

In the 1950s, Dr. Richard DeWall invented an early heart-lung machine used in cardiac surgery worldwide. Still, at 88, he says he takes more satisfaction in the critical role he played in the founding of Wright State’s medical school.
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Kevin Purcell’s interest in gun violence had its roots in the visceral reaction he had to finding himself looking down the barrel of a handgun. Now he’s one of many seeking a public health approach to the problem of gun violence.
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She will collaborate with the department to provide guidance, support and compassion at every stage of a patient’s journey through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.
The center grew from a partnership among local higher educational institutions and community-based health and social service agencies in 1991.
100 graduates took a professional oath to mark the start of their medical careers and signed a registry to commemorate the first use of the initials M.D. following their names.


through Aug 7
7:30 pm
Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky
10 am
Kings Island, Kings Island, Ohio


Boonshoft School of Medicine interdisciplinary team awarded grant to enhance curriculum, expand medical training program

The Boonshoft School of Medicine, College of Nursing and Health and School of Professional Psychology received more than $450,000 to train future clinicians to work in a multidisciplinary team environment.
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Wright State researchers honored for top paper on technology to improve diagnostics for the human eye

Critical components of the sensing are being fabricated and tested in Wright State’s Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building.
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Boonshoft School of Medicine welcomes class of 2020 at convocation ceremony on July 17

The Convocation and White Coat Ceremony represents an important milestone in each student’s journey to enter the medical profession.
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Wright State alum Emmanuel Urquieta part of NASA crew simulating stresses of deep space exploration

Emmanuel Urquieta, a 2015 aerospace medicine graduate, will spend the next month in a simulated spacecraft at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
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