Gold Humanism Honor Society

photo of the 2014 Gold Humanism Society inducteesThe Boonshoft School of Medicine chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society was established in 2004. Supported by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, the national Gold Humanism Honor Society seeks to elevate the values of humanism and professionalism within the field of medicine by recognizing the attributes of the humanist physician — compassion, trustworthiness, altruism, reliability and the commitment to keeping patients as the first priority. The organization honors senior medical students, residents, role-model physician-teachers and others recognized for "demonstrated excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service."

Boonshoft School of Medicine has emphasized the importance of humanistic attributes since its inception, and the WSU chapter was established to honor those students who best exemplify such attributes. Students are selected at the beginning of their fourth year on the basis of nominations from members of their class and faculty recommendations. Although members inducted into Wright State’s chapter must demonstrate academic competence, it is their exemplary behavior, sensitivity to the needs of others and commitment to service that sets them apart.

The GHHS is a steadfast advocate for humanism through activities on campus and has continuing involvement with its inclusive membership. It helps to establish relationships with practicing physicians. Election of exemplars to the society makes a significant statement to medical school faculty, students and the public that an institution places high value on the interpersonal skills and attitudes that are essential for excellent patient care.

What is Humanism in Medicine?

Humanism in medicine fosters relationships with patients and other caregivers that are compassionate and empathic. It also describes attitudes and behaviors that are sensitive to the values, autonomy, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of others. The humanistic doctor demonstrates the following attributes: ("I.E., C.A.R.E.S.")

  • Integrity: the congruence between expressed values and behavior.
  • Excellence: clinical expertise.
  • Compassion: the awareness and acknowledgement of the suffering of another and the desire to relieve it.
  • Altruism: the capacity to put the needs and interests of another before your own.
  • Respect: the regard for the autonomy and values of another person.
  • Empathy: the ability to put oneself in another's situation, e.g., physician as patient.
  • Service: the sharing of one's talent, time and resources with those in need; giving beyond what is required.

Mary T. White, Ph.D., professor of community health and director of the Division of Medical Humanities, serves as faculty advisor for the Wright State chapter.

For more information about the Gold Foundation and the national GHHS, visit their web sites:

Gold Humanism Honor Society Members inducted at Wright State


Brian Adkinson
Brent Aebi
Jonathan Corbett
Nicole Craker
Tracy Fong
Augustine Hong
Zachary Il’Giovine
Joshua Klepinger
Hau-lun Liou
Ryan Schwieterman
Jock Taylor
Jeffrey Zabinski

Ali Abtahi, D.O.
Shannon Golden, M.D.
Kristina Hotz, D.O.
Vivina Napier, M.D.
Thomas Pitts, M.D.
Andrew Selvarajah, M.D.

Virginia Wood, M.D.


Lisa M. Anacker
Benjamin J. Bates
Betty J. Cheney
Kyle A. Davis
Antimo P. Gazzillo
Laura C. Gruber
Nicholas M. Hountras
Paul A. Krebs
Elizabeth A. Markus
John G. Muriithi
Graham Pallante
Riyad J. Tayim

Katherine Abtahi, D.O.
David Jerkins, M.D.
Matthew Koroscil, M.D.
Rian Laub, M.D.
Patrick Motz, D.O.
Pradeep Raju, M.D.

Sheela Barhan, M.D.


Britta L. Buchenroth
Shanna O. Duffy
Eric W. Hard
Megan D. Little
Daniel B. Luckenbill
Casey K. McCluskey
Vivian C. Nanagas
Jeff E. Otte
Himaja G. Palur
Elizabeth S. Ranasinghe
Chong Y. Yun

Jessica Barnett, M.D.
Jake Deister, M.D.
Samantha Houser, M.D.
Matt Newton, M.D.
George Salloum, M.D.
Beth Sullivan, M.D.

Karen Kirkham, M.D.


Sean T. Filipovtiz
Gene W. Freeman
Alyson M. Grant
Kevin T. Gulley
Sonya L. Hovsepian
Theadore A. Hufford
John W. Lax
Nicholas S. Libertin
Nicole E. Majoras
Colleen M. McCormick
Jacob P. McKeegan
Perry S. Poteet
Jason E. Thuener

Veronica M. Ahmadian M.D.
Rhamey A. Bushman D.O.
Brent S. Izu M.D.
Krista M. Mehlhaff D.O.
Frank David Russo, M.D.


Jacob C. Deister
Jason R. Ferrel
Jessica M. Guinness
Jennifer C. King
Jess D. Levy
Sean M. Lewis
Shanthi S. Ramesh
Heather V. Rodabaugh
George Salloum
Dustin Luke H. See
Jonathan B. Slaughter
Christopher S. Warrell

Ross W. Dodge, M.D.
Trenton L. James, M.D.
Lauren E. Roth, M.D.
Sunishka M. Wimalawansa, M.D.

Ashley K. Fernandes, M.D., Ph.D.


Michael R. Baria
Nikunj A. Bhatt
William Breeding
Kristine L. Busse
Melanie E. Golembiewski
Jessica Hoying
Crystal R. Lantz
Brian M. Merrill
Laura Phillips-Chou
Jeffrey S. Robinson
Maria E. Shaker
Lindsay M. Stollings

Ryan Mast, D.O.
Wylan Peterson, M.D.
Erica M. Roesch, M.D.
Andrew J. Skabelund, M.D.

S. Bruce Binder, M.D., Ph.D.


Tyler M. Angelos
Hiloni M. Bhavsar
Elizabeth Davis
Seethal A. Jacob
Jeffery Jenks
Franciska Kiraly
Benjamin M. Mack
Shiao-Pei Pan-Troy
Benjamin L. Radcliffe
Katherine J. Radcliffe
Luke D. Rothermel
Ellen C. Savinell
Coral Spicer

Daniel J. Bebo, M.D.
Bryan Curtis, M.D.
Benjamin J. Missick, M.D.
Ryan Q. Simon, M.D.
Alicia M. Watson, M.D.


William K. Cornwell III
Daniel B. Flora
Bryan S. Jewell
Benjamin Kotinsley
Katherine Kotinsley
Aaron R. Patterson
Matthew M. Pellerite
Mark M. Ryan
Gregory J. Toussaint
Jenell C. Smith Wade
Lena A. Winkler


Michele R. Arthurs
James P. Brewer
Stacey L. Brown
Megan E. Brundrett
Matthew D. Hess
Matthew E. Kuestner
Paul E. Lagler
Kristen P. Massimino
Shawn M. McFarland
Kennon A. Miller
Anthony M. Schlake
Natalie Woods

Antoinette T. Burns, D.O.
David A. Hart, M.D.
Talieh Hendi, M.D.
Crystal D. Hill, M.D.
Louisa L. Pecchioni, M.D.
Erron L. Simmons, M.D.
Ned L. Williams, D.O.

Anne Marie Proulx, D.O.


Shannon D. Armstrong
Carl H. Backes Jr.
William E. Brady III
Seuli M. Brill
Donald M. Dumford III
Mike J. Griesser
Crystal D. Hill
Kattie Y. Meranda
Andrew J. Russ
Stacey L. Savage
Kimberly J. Stockmaster

Siar Basharmal, M.D.
Michael Duffy, M.D.
Toby Genrich, M.D.
Darnell Ladson, D.O.
Meghann Nelles, M.D.
Crystal Shaffer, M.D.

Ralph A. Hicks, M.D.


Melissa S. Bauserman
Kathryn Burkhardt
Katherine Conway
Sara Doorley
Mark Humphrey
Andrew Jacques
Katherine Kreinbrink
Suzette Myton
Julianne Reighard
Rafael Rosario

Patricia A. Abboud, M.D.
Megan K. Baker, M.D.
Jaime L. Beford,M.D.
Mark E. Blair, M.D.
Laura Boehmer, M.D.
Ryan M. Buchholz, M.D.
Mathew E. Crowe, M.D.
Jayson C. Dock, M.D.
Peahen H. Gandhi, M.D.
Jeffrey R. Gerard, M.D.
Andre T. Harris, M.D.
Kevin D. Hopkins, M.D.
Peter C. Iversen, M.D.
Kevin W. Johnson, M.D.
Jacob B. Jones, M.D.
Misti M. Lavy, M.D.
Jason C. Massengill, M.D.
John Salter, M.D.
Christian Smith, M.D.
Eric Schumacher, D.O.
Thomas Stamp, M.D.
Lori A. Tucker, D.O.
Bryan White, M.D.
Adam M. Zochowski, M.D.

Partha Banerjee, M.D.
Ann E. Burke, M.D.
John F. Donnelly, M.D.
Gary L. LeRoy, M.D.
Thomas Mathews, M.D.
Jerome J. Schulte, M.D.


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