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Dayton Area Drug Survey

DADS is a biennial, cross-sectional study that provides estimates of non-medical drug use by school-aged teenagers in the Dayton, Ohio, area. First administered in 1990, under the direction of Russel Falck, associate professor emeritus, the DADS is a collaborative effort between the Center for Interventions, Treatment & Addictions Research at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine and area school districts. Districts participate in the DADS at no charge and choose which grades between seven and 12 to survey. Students respond anonymously and on a voluntary basis following a protocol approved by the WSU Institutional Review Board.

In early 2012, 15,734 students from 16 Miami Valley area school districts provided usable data. The majority of the sample was white (about 82 percent) and the sample was nearly evenly split between boys and girls. For more information on DADS, call the Boonshoft School of Medicine's Center for Interventions, Treatment & Addictions Research at (937) 775-2066.

Summary of Findings

News Release: “2012 Dayton Area Drug Survey finds decrease in many types of drug use”

2012 Data Tables (PDFs)


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Raminta Daniulaityte, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator (

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