Medical Student Research Symposium

2015 Medical Student Research SymposiumThe Seventh Annual Medical Student Research Symposium took place on Wednesday, April 8, in the Ramexh K. Gandhi Medical Education Center. Medical students presented posters describing their research and graduating students who have demonstrated a continued commitment to medical scholarship received Distinguished Scholar Awards. A reception followed the awards presentation. For more information, contact Research Affairs, at or (937) 775-3018.

2014 Medical Student Research Symposium

The 6th Annual Medical Student Research Symposium at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine was held Thursday, April 10, 2014, in White Hall on the WSU main campus. The symposium began in the Gandhi Auditorium with welcoming remarks  and presentation of the 2014 Distinguished Scholar Awards. A poster reception with 40 student research posters followed  in the White Hall Atrium.

The annual Distinguished Scholar Awards are presented to graduating medical students who have demonstrated a continued commitment to medical scholarship. Distinguished Scholars are recognized for generating a significant body of scholarly work, for working collaboratively with students and faculty, for demonstrating leadership in the Research Learning Community, and for advancing student research at the Boonshoft School of Medicine. The 2014 Distinguished Scholars were Robert Beaulieu; Gabrielle Horstman, Ph.D.; Ann Imber, Ph.D.; and Catherine Ulman.

The symposium was organized by the Wright State Medical Student Research Club with support from the BSOM Office of Research Affairs.

Symposium Proceedings are archived in the WSU Libraries CORE Scholar (Campus Online Repository). See: 2009 Proceedings | 2010 Proceedings | 2011 Proceedings | 2012 Proceedings | 2013 Proceedings | 2014 Proceedings.

2014 Poster Judges

Many thanks go to the BSOM faculty who served as poster judges: Thomas L. Brown, Ph.D., David R. Cool, Ph.D., Timothy C. Cope, Ph.D., Adrian Corbett, Ph.D., John F. Donnelly, M.D., B. Laurel Elder, Ph.D., Timothy Janz, M.D., Karen Kirkham, M.D., Paul Koles, M.D., Barbara Kraszpulska, Ph.D., Smita Krishnamurthy, M.D., David R. Ladle, Ph.D., Sabrina M. Neeley, Ph.D., M.P.H., Gary L. Nieder, Ph.D., James E. Olson, Ph.D., Gary Onady, M.D., Ph.D., Lawrence J. Prochaska, Ph.D., Larry J. Ream, Ph.D., Nick A. Ritucci, Ph.D., Mark M. Rich, M.D., Ph.D., Brenda J. B. Roman, M.D., Patrick Sonner, Ph.D., Courtney E. W. Sulentic, Ph.D., Kathryn M. Tchorz, M.D., Raymond P. Ten Eyck, M.D., , M.P.H., Mary Jo Trout, Pharm. D., RPh, Lucile Wrenshall, M.D., Ph.D., Christopher N. Wyatt, Ph.D., Teresa W. Zryd, M.D.

2014 Medical Student Poster Winners

Best Overall Poster: Shaina Hecht

A rare infection in a patient with advanced AIDS
Shaina Hecht; Kunal Desai, M.D.; Hari Polenakovik, M.D.

Presenting Author: Shaina Hecht
Faculty Mentor: Hari Polenakovik, M.D.
Mentor’s Department: Internal Medicine

Best Medical Education Poster: Danial Jilani

Assessing Attitudes of Medical Students Towards the Poor
Danial Jilani; Ashley K. Fernandes, M.D., Ph.D.; Nicole J. Borges, Ph.D.; Karen Kirkham, M.D.

Presenting Author: Danial Jilani
Faculty Mentor: Nicole J. Borges, Ph.D.
Mentor’s Department: Community Health

Runner Up Medical Education Poster: Kevin Bree

Assessing Humility in Medical Students
Kevin Bree; Jason Hao; Adrienne Stolfie, M.S.P.H;. Ashley K. Fernandes, M.D., Ph.D.

Presenting Author: Kevin Bree
Faculty Mentor: Ashley K. Fernandes, M.D., Ph.D.
Mentor’s Department: Community Health, Pediatrics

Best Basic/Translational Science Poster: Udit Singhal

Elucidating BRG1 mediated epigenetic modifications in lung cancer, and their resultant effect on DNA repair gene expression levels
Udit Singhal; Jinwei Hu; Erica Hlavin Bell, Ph.D.; Arnab Chakravarti, M.D.

Presenting Author: Udit Singhal
Faculty Mentor: Arnab Chakravarti, M.D.; Erica Hlavin Bell, Ph.D.
Mentor’s Department: Radiation Oncology, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Arthur G James Cancer Hospital and Richard J Solove Research Institute

Runner Up Basic/Translational Poster (tie): Jacob Vincent & Minh-Tri Nguyen

Channelopathy contributes to proprioceptive deficits following chemotherapy
Jacob Vincent; Paul Nardelli; Krystyna Wieczerak; Mark Rich, M.D., Ph.D.; Timothy C. Cope, Ph.D.

Presenting Author: Jacob Vincent
Faculty Mentor: Timothy C. Cope, Ph.D.
Mentor’s Department: Neuroscience, Cell Biology, & Physiology

Inherited polymorphisms in the mTOR pathway, obesity, and colorectal adenomas
Minh-Tri Nguyen; Cheryl L. Thompson; Zhengyi Chen; Graham Casey; Li Li

Presenting Author: Minh-Tri Nguyen
Faculty Mentor: Li Li, M.D., Ph.D.; Cheryl L. Thompson, Ph.D.
Mentor’s Department: Family Medicine, Case Western Reserve University

Best Public Health Poster: Huong-Thao Tran

Meeting People Where They Are: A Pilot Project to Improve Health Communication in the Dayton Vietnamese Community
H. Tran; H. Phuoc; A.E. Nguyen; A.K. Fernandes, M.D., Ph.D.

Presenting Author: Huong-Thao Tran
Faculty Mentor: Ashley K. Fernandes, MD, PhD
Mentor’s Department: Community Health, Pediatrics

Runner Up Public Health Poster: Danielle Fleissig

Language barriers in local medicine: Interviews with Spanish-speaking patients in the Greater Dayton Area
Danielle Fleissig; Shalini Forbis, M.D., M.P.H.

Presenting Author: Danielle Fleissig
Faculty Mentor: Shalini Forbis, M.D., M.P.H.
Mentor’s Department: Pediatrics

Best Clinical Science Poster (tie): Eric Fischer & Kyle A. Davis

Effect of a backboard on depth of chest compressions on an Emergency Room gurney during Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
Eric Fischer; Raymond Ten Eyck M.D., M.P.H., FACEP

Presenting Author: Eric Fischer
Faculty Mentor: Raymond Ten Eyck M.D., M.P.H., FACEP
Mentor’s Department: Emergency Medicine

Management of a Patient with Congenital Intracranial Immature Teratoma
Kyle A. Davis; J. Todd Boyd, M.D.

Presenting Author: Kyle A. Davis
Faculty Mentor: J. Todd Boyd, M.D.
Mentor’s Department: Pathology, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Runner Up Clinical Science Poster (tie): Christina Anderson & Ahmed Hawash

Cost-Efficacy of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Using the Harmonic Scalpel
C. Anderson; M.S. Walusimbi; A.P. Ekeh; K.M. Hendershot; D. Lebamoff; P. Williams; J.M. Saxe; K.M. Tchorz; M.L. Whitmill; R.J. Woods; M.P. Roelle; L.M. Barney; M.C. McCarthy

Presenting Author: Christina Anderson
Faculty Mentor: Mbaga Walusimbi, M.D., FACS
Mentor’s Department: Surgery

Targeted alpha particle irradiation as a glioblastoma therapy
Ahmed Hawash; Katja Behling; David Scheinberg; Michael McDevitt

Presenting Author: Ahmed Hawash
Faculty Mentor: Michael McDevitt
Mentor’s Department: Medicine and Radiology, Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry

Best Case Study Poster: Adam Altman

Subdural empyema secondary to sinusitis in an adolescent
Adam Altman; Stefanie K. Horne, M.D.

Presenting Author: Adam Altman
Faculty Mentor: Stefanie K. Horne, M.D.
Mentor’s Department: Otolaryngology

Runner Up Case Study Poster: Joseph Capichioni

The use of indirect video laryngoscopy in difficult airways
Joseph Capichioni; Amol Soin; Omar Kahn; Rahul Mada

Presenting Author: Joseph Capichioni
Faculty Mentor: Amol Soin, M.D., M.B.A.
Mentor’s Department: Surgery

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