Horizons in Medicine Program

Horizons in Medicine students

Jump-start your health care career with the Horizons in Medicine program. 

Horizons in Medicine is a program designed to give Dayton-area students a sense of the career possibilities in the health care industry. Learn key concepts early and prepare to enter the medical field. 

Program Dates

June 2–July 1, 2023

Application Dates

Janurary 27–May 7, 2023

Who can apply? 

Students who have completed their junior or senior year of high school and have successfully completed chemistry. Due to the pandemic, the Horizons in Medicine program is also accepting applications from Wright State students who have completed their first year of college. 


concepts horizons in medicine

Learn medical terminology and key concepts early. 

 You’ll be introduced to general terminology you need to know to function in a clinical environment. Learn key concepts from subjects such as biochemistry, anatomy , histology and pharmacology.


Shadow providers and tour clinical sites. 

Spend afternoons shadowing medical professionals in hospitals, community clinics, and other clinical sites throughout the community.


Complete a research paper or project. 

Work with two to four other students under the direction of a Wright State medical student to hone your teamwork skills. You get the choice of writing a group research paper or developing a medically related project. 



Program alumni


Enter college


Graduate college


Many are now medical doctors

Mel L. Brown, Jr., M.Ed., M.S.., Director
Location: 190 White Hall
Phone: (937) 775-4602
Email: som_him@wright.edu

Last edited on 01/27/2023.