M.D. in Three

Student with patient

Start your medical career a year early and with less debt in the M.D. in Three program

Earn your medical degree faster by applying to the condensed M.D. in Three program. This program then allows direct progression to residency into a Boonshoft School of Medicine Residency Program. You may also apply to other programs through the National Residency Match Program (NRMP).   

Apply by February 17 of your first year of medical school 

  • Sign-in with your campus i.d. credentials (your w-account and password).
  • Application reviews and interviews will be conducted during February and March. Final decisions will be made by April 1 of first year of medical school. 
  • Application must be submitted by 5 p.m. on February 17 (of first year of medical school), please upload your CV as a PDF or DOCX file on the form.
  • Please see the requirements for continuance.

clinical experience

Get clinical
experience sooner

Gain valuable experience in a clinical setting the summer after your first year. Maintain and build on your knowledge from the classroom to progress even faster.

View the curriculum

Build relationships
for residency

You will have the opportunity to meet regularly with the faculty, residency directors, and clerkship directors in your chosen specialty, fostering connections for future success. 


More choices

Our program offers tracks in pediatrics and family medicine. Your specialty can be chosen during your first year of medical school.

M.D. in Three Testimonials

Maggie Hedrick

Maggie Hedrick, M2—Family Medicine

"The three-year program is allowing me to start gaining clinical skills while in the foundations phase. I am connecting the dots between textbooks and clinic a whole year earlier than in the regular curriculum. Additionally, I will graduate a year sooner and get into the clinic as a doctor earlier to begin building the patient relationships that brought me to medical school to begin with."

Henrietta Ofori-Sampong

Henrietta Ofori-Sampong, M3—Family Medicine

"The M.D. in Three program was a great fit for me because taking time after college to explore medicine helped not only to solidify my commitment, but it also confirmed that primary care is indeed the right career path for me."

Not sure? Revert to a four-year program at no penalty. 

If you have been accepted to the M.D. in Three program, you are able to revert to the four-year program at no penalty—all more the reason to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements for Continuance in the M.D. in Three

  1. Pass USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt.
  2. Pass all Foundations modules on the first attempt.
  3. Participate in once or twice monthly clinical afternoons with Residency faculty during the second year of the Foundations curriculum.
  4. Have positive performance reviews every six months with the Residency Program Director and the Clerkship Director during the second and third years.
  5. Pass all clerkships on the first attempt.
  6. Advance through the medical school curriculum without any delays or leaves of absence.
  7. Meet all professionalism and communication milestones.
  8. Apply for residency through the NRMP Match Program.
  9. Pass Step 2 CK on the first attempt.
  10. Meet all educational program objectives and graduation requirements of the traditional four year curriculum.

Tracks currently available:

Family Medicine and Pediatrics.

Number of students admitted to each track:

Up to two students per year.

What if I’m in the M.D. in Three and decide I want to pursue a different specialty?

A student may leave the M.D. in Three track at any time should they change career goals, or wish to experinece the 4 year curriculum.

What if I’m in the M.D. in Three and decide I want to apply to residency programs outside of Wright State? 

Student may apply to any residency program that they desire.

What if a personal emergency causes me to take a temporary leave of absence from school?

For all of these situations, the student reverts back to the traditional curriculum, assuming he/she is in good standing with the BSOM.

May I enter the M.D. in Three later than my first year of medical school?

No, the only time one can apply to and enter the M.D. in Three is during the first year.

What happens if I am in the M.D. in Three and do not meet one of the conditions for staying in the track?

As long as the student is still in good standing with BSOM he/she returns to the traditional track.

Who is an ideal candidate for the M.D. in Three?

Ideal candidates have done sufficient career exploration to feel confident in their choice of specialty.  They have adjusted to the pace and rigor of medical school, as demonstrated by successfully passing all Foundations courses and maintaining a healthy school/life balance. They have the self-discipline and time management skills needed to study for board exams while in their clerkship year.  They want to complete their residency in Dayton and practice in Ohio.

What if I really want to do the M.D. in Three, but I’m not interested in Family Medicine or Pediatrics for my specialty?

At this time, Family Medicine and Pediatrics are the only options available. For other specialties, you need to do the traditional curriculum.

Can I do the M.D. in Three alongside another track, such as the rural pathway or the global health track?

Possibly.  If there are conflicting requirements, contact the director of the other track to ask if there is any flexibility in that track’s requirements. The curriculum and requirements of the M.D. in Three are NOT flexible.

Last edited on 01/06/2023.