Department of Neurology

Adult Psychiatry Service

The educational objectives in the adult psychiatry service at Miami Valley Hospital are to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude to perform a comprehensive neurological and psychiatric exam and diagnose a broad range of acute and non-acute psychiatric illness. This will be accomplished by providing faculty supervised care to patients presenting with acute medical and surgical illnesses with psychiatric complications or comorbidity as well as acute and chronic psychiatric patients. The resident will participate in a 4 week rotation that includes in-patient experiences under the direction of psychiatry faculty. During this rotation the resident will participate in an intensive review and study of psychiatry. Residents will participate in lectures and conferences at the direction of the psychiatry program director. This one block rotation will occur during the PGY3 year.

Specific educational goals for the psychiatry rotation are:

  1. A practical experience in obtaining an orderly and detailed psychiatric history from the patient, conducting a thorough general and psychiatric examination and in organizing and recording data.
  2. An understanding of the indications for and the limitations of clinical psychiatric and psychological tests and their interpretation.
  3. The ability to correlate information derived from diagnostic studies with the clinical history and examination in formulating a differential diagnosis and management plan.
  4. Participation in the management of patients with psychiatric or neuropsychiatric disorders.
  5. Participation in the evaluation of psychiatric and neurological patients by psychological and neuropsychological testing.
  6. Participation in psychiatric care including psycho-social support and counseling for family members.
  7. An intensive review and study of psychiatric principles.
Last edited on 08/11/2023.