Wright State University School of Medicine, Children's Medical Center and Dayton Art Institute (DAI) Welcomes the Amelia Piano Trio

The Amelia Piano Trio
Cellist: Jason Duckles, Pianist: Jonathan Yates, Violinist: Anthea Kreston

The Amelia Piano Trio, named after the famed aviator Amelia Earhart-the pioneering aviator whose courage and boldness have inspired the world-offers musically-oriented activities for a wide range of environments, including AIDS hospices, homes for abused children, children's museums, and hospitals. They are dedicated to taking their music into underserved areas.

The Amelia Piano Trio has performed throughout the world in such venues as the St. Barts International Music Festival and Isaac Stern's Chamber Music Workshops, and have been participants in Yo Yo Ma's, "Silk Road Project."

A concert, "Flight of Fancy" will culminate a week of music at Children's Medical Center. The concert will feature a newly commissioned work on flight and other flight-related music.

The concert is a collaboration involving the School of Medicine, Children's Medical Center, and DAI and is funded by Montgomery County and Inventing Flight.
When? Sunday, April 13, at 3:00 p.m.
Where? The Dayton Art Institute's Renaissance Hall.

Admission is $12; $5 for students and senior citizens. Tickets are available at Children's Medical Center, Wright State's Student Union Box Office, and the Dayton Art Institute.

For tickets or more information, call (937) 775-2951 or contact by
E-mail: som_pr@wright.edu

Musical Trio Spends a Week
with Patients and Families at The Children's Medical Center

The Amelia Piano Trio will spend the week of April 7-13, working with the patients, families, and staff of The Children's Medical Center, culminating with a public performance at the Dayton Art Institute to celebrate inventing flight.

The trio will perform throughout The Children's Medical Center, holding a children's concert, a hospital sing-a-long, and daily visits to different sections of the hospital to play for small groups of children who are bedridden. The week of music will include such unusual activities as: What does an airplane sound like?; Invisible Ball of Goop-where children will create an orchestra using their own bodies; Emotion Draw-using crayons to express reactions to music; Compose Your Own Trio -a karaoke and drawing activity; and the Instrument Petting Zoo-where children touch, pluck, and play an instrument. The programs are designed to encourage audience participation and enthusiasm for what music can do to enrich our lives.

"This program will enrich the lives of our patients and their families," says Arthur S. Pickoff, M.D., chair and professor for the Department of Pediatrics, and a project director for the residency program. "It will encourage healing through a variety of musical activities designed to generate enthusiasm and an understanding of music."

"Music has the ability to let the listener dream, hope, and heal," says Mary T. White, Ph.D., assistant professor for the Department of Community Health at Wright State University School of Medicine, and a performing classical violinist. "By bringing music directly to the children and staff at the hospital, the trio will offer moments of serenity and beauty."

After the week-long residency program at The Children's Medical Center, the Amelia Piano Trio will perform at the Dayton Art Institute's Renaissance Auditorium for a formal presentation of the newly commissioned "Flight of Fancy," an original work composed by Rami Levin, and related music focusing on flight. This final event will be Sunday, April 13 at 3:00 p.m.. It is open to the public and tickets are $12.00 per person; $5.00 for seniors and students.

The program the Amelia Piano Trio: Music and Healing Residency is a collaborative effort by Children's Medical Center, Wright State University School of Medicine, and the Dayton Art Institute, with a grant from Culture Works and the Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District.

For more information about the program, or to purchase tickets for the performance at the Dayton Art Institute's Renaissance Auditorium, call Judi Engle, director for Public Relations, at (937) 775-2951.

For more information, contact Public Relations.

Last edited on 12/15/2014.