WSU Hosts Free Public Lecture on Neuroscience Research

DAYTON, OHIO--Wright State University will host Neuroscience Day, the second annual scientific meeting of the Ohio Miami Valley Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (OMV-SfN), on Tuesday, May 10. Neuroscience Day features a free public lecture, known as the Grass Lecture, at 1:00 p.m. in the Medical Sciences Building Auditorium on Wright State's main campus.

The Grass Lecture will be given by Pat R. Levitt, Ph.D., professor and director of the Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. The topic of his lecture is "Cortical Interneurons and Neurodevelopmental Disorders."

The Grass Traveling Scientist Lecture Program is sponsored by the Society for Neuroscience, the national scientific organization devoted to brain research and education, with financial support from the Grass Foundation.

"Dr. Levitt's research on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that drive development in the brain and nervous system have advanced our understanding of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Such research will lead to improved therapies in the future," says Robert E. W. Fyffe, Ph.D., OMV-SfN president. Dr. Fyffe is associate dean for research affairs and director of the Center for Brain Research at Wright State University School of Medicine.

OMV-SfN is a nonprofit membership organization affiliated with the Society for Neuroscience which promotes brain research and education in southwest Ohio. The chapter's members include scientists, teachers, and students from research institutions throughout the region. Founding institutions include Miami University, the University of Cincinnati, and Wright State University. For information about joining OMV-SfN, see the chapter's website at:
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Last edited on 12/15/2014.