Anatomical Gift Program--Recognizing 25 Years of Gifts toward Medical Education

WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY, Dayton-Today marks twenty-five years of generosity and dedication toimage of medical students at the ceremony grounds medical education. The Anatomical Gift Program, housed in the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, held its 25th Memorial Service for more than 1,200 family members and friends of its donors on
October 9.

"It is with a great sense of pride and gratitude that we recognize the 25th anniversary of the Memorial Service of the Anatomical Gift Program," says Frank Nagy, Ph.D., program director. "That pride emanates from the privilege of having our lives touched by the thousands of anatomical donors who have chosen to bless us all with their incredibly generous gifts. Their choice enables us to share the knowledge provided by, and the awesome wonders of, their physical bodies."

Those who practice medicine recognize that a strong foundation in the basic medical sciences is fundamental to their practices. All medical specialties depend upon a knowledge and understanding of physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology. In fact, these four disciplines are sometimes described as the pillars upon which medical science is built. But, the foundation for all these pillars-and for medicine itself-is human anatomy.

Because all diseases and dysfunctions have anatomical components, it is imperative that medical students, as well as graduate physicians of every specialty, be trained in the discipline of anatomy. This is the inestimable value of the Anatomical Gift Program and those who contribute to it.

Medical students actively participate in the services as a way of publicly expressing their gratitude to the families of the donors. Wright State is the only school to maintain a cemetery devoted solely to the interment of anatomical donors. The Rockafield Cemetery, located in a secluded spot on Wright State's campus, exists as a tribute to those donors. And, this annual service was the first in the state of Ohio.

View the memorial booklet, “25 Years of Gratitude”

Last edited on 02/16/2017.