Center for Healthy Communities raises awareness about discounted phone service

The Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) has been awarded a $4,000 contract to help make people in the Dayton area aware of Ameritech's Universal Service Assistance (USA) program.

The USA Program helps make local phone service affordable for eligible customers by providing a monthly discount on their local phone service, as well as a waiver of installation charges and deposit requirements. The program offers discounted local phone service to persons who qualify. The program consists of two plans: USA Plan 1 is designed for customers who want the lowest monthly rate with just a basic phone and no additional services and features. USA Plan 2 allows customers to have additional services and features such as Call Waiting.

"We became involved in this outreach initiative because we know there are citizens in the Dayton area who are not aware of their eligibility to enroll in Ameritech's USA plans," said Marilyn Rodney, CHC assistant director for community health advocacy. "This is an opportunity for us to help those families who may otherwise be overlooked."

In 2001 Ameritech will distribute a total of $120,000 to agencies throughout the state of Ohio who have been awarded Universal Service Assistance outreach education contracts. The $120,000 is a part of Ameritech's $276,000 commitment to raise awareness of its USA program in 2001.

"The monies support outreach activities that educate community groups, public and private human services organizations, churches, hospitals, healthcare and neighborhood organizations about Ameritech's Universal Service Assistance Program," said Joe Meissner, chairman of the USA Advisory Board.

To learn if you are eligible for Ameritech USA Plan discounts on your local phone service, call the CHC health advocacy office at (937) 512-4041.

The Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) is committed to improving health care service delivery and enhancing health professions education. CHC partners include the Dayton community; the College of Nursing and Health, Department of Social Work, and Schools of Medicine and Professional Psychology at Wright State University; the Division of Allied Health Technologies at Sinclair Community College; and the Physician Assistant Program at the Kettering College of Medical Arts.

Last edited on 04/22/2015.