Frank Nagy receives Presidential Award for Faculty Excellence in Professional Service

Frank Nagy's affiliation with Wright State's Anatomical Gift Program began soon after he joined the School of Medicine in 1976.

With more than 200 donors annually, the program Nagy administers provides a unique educational opportunity for undergraduate, graduate, and medical students as well as health care professionals in the community. Without the Anatomical Gift Program, the School of Medicine could not provide the foundation upon which medical careers are built.

"Dr. Nagy has thoughtfully seen to the individual concerns, needs and desires of the donors' families and friends. Meanwhile, he has used this opportunity to educate our students in the gift of body donation, while speaking to the sensitivity of grief and loss," says Cynthia G. Olsen, chair of the School of Medicine faculty development committee. "His program has affected not just the students of the university directly, but numerous physicians-in-training and our residents. The effectiveness of this program has also been shared throughout the state and region, providing information regarding donor and body donation."

Dr. Nagy's "sensitivity, along with his professionalism have left a lasting impression on the families involoved and the teaching facilities that have benefited" from the program, says Howard Part, dean of the School of Medicine.

"It is obvious to me that there has been considerable effort and throught put into instilling into the medical students a sense of dignity and respect for those who donated their bodies to further the students' education," said a family member of a donor after attending the annual memorial service and internment ceremony.

Last edited on 04/09/2015.