Humanism in Medicine Award presented to Jerome J. Schulte

 Jerome J. Schulte Jr., M.D., was honored by Wright State School of Medicine's graduating class of 2002 with the Humanism in Medicine award for faculty. He was presented the award during the graduation festivities on June 7.

Nominated by students and fellow faculty members, Schulte was chosen for the award because of his willingness to help others, his consistency in demonstrating compassion and empathy in the delivery of health care to patients, and for excellence in professional behavior toward students, fellows and the community.

A faculty member for nearly ten years, Schulte is an assistant professor of psychiatry and associate director for psychiatry education at Wright State University School of Medicine.

The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, along with its partner the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, inaugurated the Humanism in Medicine Award in 1998. Their goal is to improve doctor/patient relations and foster healthcare professionals who exhibit the highest level of respect, sensitivity, and cultural competence for the patients and families they serve, and to nurture and perpetuate the tradition of the "caring doctor."

Last edited on 04/28/2015.