Mini-Med School lecture series focuses on medical education and biomedical research

Wright State University School of Medicine will present another of its popular Mini-Med School programs Oct. 9 through 30. “Doctoring 101” is designed for a broad audience, ranging from the 17-year-old who wants to become a doctor to the 70-year-old fascinated by medical research. Admission is free, but advance registration is required.

In the series opener, the director of the Division of Aerospace Medicine will present “Nearing 220 Years of Humans in Flight.” A physician and pilot, this presenter will discuss what scientists know about the effects of flight on airline passengers, pilots and astronauts.

On October 16, a research scientist from the Department of Physiology and Biophysics will present “Life and Death at the Cellular Level.” He will share some of what scientists know about the role of cell death in autoimmune diseases, cancer and neuro-degenerative disorders.

The director of the new Division of Cancer Prevention and Control will present “An Ounce of Prevention” on October 23. Cancer will strike one in three Americans and kills one out of four. This talk by a physician and researcher will address the question, “What can be done to prevent cancer from developing in the first place?”

The final session October 30, “How to Think Like a Doctor,” will be presented by the head of the Department of Internal Medicine. In this interactive session, participants will gain a better understanding of the steps physicians take before arriving at a diagnosis.

Talks will take place in the medical student auditorium of the Frederick A. White Health Center on the Wright State campus, at 7 p.m., Tuesdays, October 9 through 30. Refreshments will be served beginning at 6:30 p.m. All sessions will allow ample time for audience questions.

Last edited on 04/22/2015.