Wright State's School of Medicine Class of 2004: Talented, humanitarian professionals

An aeronautical engineer who worked on the B-2 stealth bomber, a pharmacist, a triathlon athlete, a physical therapist, a certified public accountant, a scuba diver, a pilot, a music teacher, a cardio-thoracic intensive care nurse, a medical illustrator… These are some of the faces and facets of students who will soon begin rigorous training on the path to becoming a doctor.

Ninety select students out of more than 2,500 applicants will begin medical school on Sunday, August 6, at Wright State University School of Medicine. These exceptional students comprise the Class of 2004, 43 men and 47 women, who will participate in an interdisciplinary program of study - four years of community-based teaching, learning, and caring for patients in the Miami Valley.

The entering class will be welcomed on Sunday, August 6, at the School of Medicine's Convocation. The event begins at 3:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room, in the Student Union on the Wright State main campus.

Convocation includes Wright State's "White Coat Ceremony" -- a growing medical school tradition in which students receive their white laboratory coats and take their first oath of professional responsibility. According to Dr. Paul Carlson, associate dean for student affairs and admissions, taking the oath at the beginning of medical school is meant to instill in students a sense of responsibility, professionalism, and compassion for patients throughout their medical education.

Timothy Drehmer, M.D., assistant professor and clerkship director in internal medicine at Miami Valley Hospital is the invited speaker at the event.

Last edited on 04/09/2015.