Department of Psychiatry



Academic Position/Location




William Klykylo, M.D.

Interim Chair and Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

(937) 223-8840

David Bienenfeld, M.D.


(937) 223-8840

Julie P. Gentile, M.D.

Director, Division of Intellectual Disability Psychiatry

(937) 223-8840

Paulette Gillig, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, Division of Rural Psychiatry

(937) 223-8840

Molly J. Hall, M.D.

Associate Dean for Premier Health

(937) 208-2518

Jerald Kay, M.D.

Dean X. Parmelee, M.D.

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, WSU Boonshoft School of Medicine

(937) 775-2161

Brenda Roman, M.D.

Director, Medical Student Education; and Assistant Dean for Curriculum Development

(937) 223-8840

Randy Sansone, M.D.

Associate Training Director, Kettering Medical Center

(937) 384-6850

Associate Professors

Wayne Chappelle, Psy.D., ABPP

Senior Aeromedical Clinical Psychologist, WPAFB

(937) 938-2706

Loren M. Friedman, M.S.

Director of Clinical Trials, Department of Community Health

(937) 705-1081

Col. Mark Hubner, M.D.

Neuropsychiatry Branch, Clinical Sciences Division, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine

Renu Kotwal, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Services

(513) 948-3600

Douglas Lehrer, M.D.

Chief Clinical Officer, Summit Behavioral Healthcare

(513) 948-3752

Albert F. Painter, Psy.D.

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs

(937) 775-2033

Jerome J. Schulte, M.D.

Dayton VA Medical Center

(937) 268-6511

Randy Welton, M.D.

Residency Program Director

(937) 223-8840

Christina Weston, M.D.

Associate Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

(937) 257-6877

Assistant Professors

Stephanie Ackner, M.D.

Samaritan Behavioral Health

(937) 224-4646

Benjamin H. Albrecht, D.O.

Kettering Medical Center Youth Services

(937) 534-4600

Keith Ashbaugh, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Care

(513) 948-3600

Rafay Atiq, M.B.B.S.

Upper Valley Mental Health

(937) 257-9145

Ellen Ballerene, M.D.

Samaritan Behavioral Health

(937) 734-8333

Ethan Bean, M.D.

Dayton VA Medical Center

(937) 268-6511

Pamela Broderick, M.D.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Lisa Cantor, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Care

(513) 948-3600

Florence Coleman, M.D.

Attending Physician, Dayton VA Medical Center

(937) 268-6511, ext. 2675

Allison Cowan, M.D.

Medical Director, Resident Psychotherapy Clinic; CAM, Montgomery County Board of DDS

(937) 223-8840

Bethany J. DeRhodes, M.D.

Miami Valley Hospital

(937) 208-6719


Nicholas Doninger, Ph.D.

Wallace Kettering Neuroscience Inst.

(937) 395-8043

Gretchen Foley, M.D.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

(937) 257-6877

Jeffrey Guina, M.D.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

(937) 257-6877

Babar Hasan, M.D.

Good Samaritan Hospital


John E. Heaton, M.A.

Neuropsychiatry Branch Manager USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Wright-Patterson AFB

(937) 938-2766

Elizabeth Gilday, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Care

(513) 948-3600

Kenneth D. Glass, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health

(513) 948-3842

Valerie Houseknecht, M.D.

WSU Counseling and Wellness Center

(927) 775-3407

Diana Kallis, M.D.

BridgePointe Psychological & Counseling Services

(513) 891-0650, ext. 231

Monica M. Kennedy, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Care

(513) 948-3600

Kent McDonald, M.D.

Chief, Neuropsychiatry Branch USAFSAM, Wright Patterson Air Force Base

(937) 938-2702

Sarita Mahajan, M.D.

Dayton VA Medical Center

(937) 268-6511

Ryan C. Mast, D.O.

Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Assistant Director

(937) 223-8840

Virginia G. Matheson, M.D.

Dayton Children's Hospital

Patrick J. McCullough, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Care

(513) 948-3600

Julie M. Miller, Psy.D., ABPP

Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Wallace-Kettering Neuroscience Institute.  

(937) 395-8002

James Layne Moore, M.D., M.P.H.

Professor of Neurology, Boonshoft School of Medicine

(937) 208-3410

Suzie C. Nelson, M.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Wright-Patterson AFB

(937) 257-6877

R. Mark Newman, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Care

(513) 948-3600

Lawrence G. Ostrowski, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Care

(513) 948-3600

Ryan Peirson, M.D.

Director, Division of Community Psychiatry; Chief Clinical Officer, Montgomery County ADAMHS Board

(937) 223-8840

Carl T. Ratliff Jr., D.O.

Youth and Adult Outpatient Services, Samaritan Behavioral Health, Inc.

(937) 734-8333

Sarah D. Sanyal, M.D.

Dayton VA Medical Center

(937) 268-6511

Simran Sehbi, M.D.

Dayton VA Medical Center

(937) 268-6511

Andrew Smith, M.D.

Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

(937) 223-8840

Lisa A. Sonnier, M.D.

Summit Behavioral Health Care

(513) 948-3600

Kelly Stinson, M.D.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

(937) 267-6877

Christina G. Waite, M.D.

Good Samaritan Hospital

(937) 734-4079

Katie Winner, M.D.

TCN Family Solutions

Joe D. Wood III, Psy.D.

Division of Neuropsychiatry, Aeromedical Consultation Service, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine

(937) 938-3890

Michael Zeola, M.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, WPAFB

(937) 223-8840

Assistant Professor Emeritus

Oscar B. Cataldi, M.D.

Fairborn Medical Center

(937) 208-8288

Instructor Emeritus

Edward Comer, M.Ed.

WSU BSOM Department of Psychiatry

(937) 223-8840

Clinical Professors

Terry Correll, D.O.

Aerospace Psychiatric Consultant, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine

(937) 938-2701

Brien Dyer, M.D.

Medical Director, Samaritan Crisis Care

(937) 224-1694, ext. 2325

Rena Kay, M.D.

Cincinnati Center for Psychoanalysis

(513) 961-7848

Victor R. Knapp M.D.

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

(937) 268-6511

Richard Wantz, Ed.D.

Professor of Counselor Education

(937) 775-3481

Clinical Associate Professors

Wayne Anable, D.O.

Attending Physician, Kettering Youth Services

(937) 229-9643

Antoinette Cordell, Ph.D.

Antoinette Cordell & Associates

(937) 276-3356

James H. Duffee, M.D.

Rocking Horse Center, Springfield, OH

(937) 324-1111

Katherine Hott, M.D.

Katherine M Hott & Associates, Inc.

(937) 435-3238

John Johnson, M.D., M.B.A.

Access Ohio Mental Health Center

(614) 985-3112

Richard Nockowitz, M.D.

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry, Columbus

(614) 444-7472

Amita Patel, M.D.

Dayton Psychiatric Associates

(937) 832-8883

Sehba Siddiqi, M.B.B.S.

Samaritan Behavioral Health

Clinical Assistant Professors

Esam Alkhawaga, M.D.

TCN Behavioral Health Services, Inc.

(937) 376-8700

Ariz Anklesaria, D.O.

Miami County Recovery Council

(937) 335-4343

Tarek Aziz, M.D.

Neuropsychiatric Consultants, Columbus, Ohio

(614) 726-6242


Gary A. Balster, M.D.

Kettering Behavioral Medical Center Consolidated Care, Inc.

(937) 534-4600

Huma Bashir, Ed.D., LPCC-S, LICDC

Jeffrey Bishop, M.D.

Forensic Mental Health Services, Inc.

(937) 223-1781

Theresa Blachly-Flanagan, M.D.

Attending Physician, The Community Network

(937) 376-8700, ext. 747

Mark Blair, M.D.

Dublin Springs

(614) 717-1800


Rick Bowers, M.D.

South Suburban Mental Health Associates

(937) 291-1351

Jacqueline Countryman, M.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

(937) 436-7801

Kristen Dunn, MRC, PCC-S, LICDC

CAM Program Director

(937) 222-2400, ext. 234

Jenni Farrow, M.D.

Butler Behavioral Health

(513) 881-7189


Carmel Flores, M.D.

Attending Physician, Integrated Youth Services

(937) 427-3837

Danielle Gainer, M.D.

TCN Behavioral Health Services

(937) 879-3400


Linda Griffith, M.D.

L/C Consolidated Care, Inc.

(800) 465-8065

Pamela Gulley, Ed.D.

Development Coordinator, Agape for Youth

(937) 439-4406, ext. 14

Elizabeth A. Hardy, Ph.D.

Clinical assistant professor

(937) 271-2224

David Hart, M.D.

South Community Behavioral Clinic

(937) 293-8300

Col. Roger Hesselbrock, M.D.

Neuropsychiatry Branch, Clinical Sciences Division, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, WPAFB

(937) 938-2700

Carroll Jackson, MSW, LISW-S

Clinical and Mental Health Services Manager, Montgomery County Board of DDS, Mental Health Supports and Services Program

(937) 457-2878

Melissa Jones, MRC, PCC-S, LICDC-CS

CAM Clinical Director

(937) 222-2400

Reza Khavari, M.D.

Kettering Medical Center Youth Services

(937) 534-4600

Cemil Kirbas, Ph.D.

Wright State Research Institute

(937) 705-1006

Darnell Ladson, D.O.

TCN Behavioral Health Services

(937) 376-8700

Maria Mathias, M.D.

South Community Mental Health, Inc.

(937) 293-8300

Adrienne McCray, D.O.

South Community Mental Health, Inc.

(937) 534-1321

Susan Mumford, M.S.W.

Clinical Assistant Professor

(937) 223-8840

Mark E. Reynolds, M.D.

Bellbrook Psychiatric Services

(937) 848-9858


Jeannine Sheppard, D.O

Eastway Behavioral Healthcare

(937) 299-9643


Jennifer Shoenfelt, M.D.

Medical Director of St. Joseph Orphanage

(513) 741-5690, ext. 2165

Nancy J. Smith, D.O.

Warren County Human Association

(513) 695-1357


Steven B. Taylor, M.D.

Eastway Behavioral Healthcare

(937) 496-2000

Douglas Teller, M.D.

Internal Medicine, Kettering Medical Center

(937) 298-4331, ext. 5593; (937) 276-8333

Adjunct Faculty

Gary E. Ford, Psy.D.

Lead Neuropsychologist, ASM Neuropsychiatry Branch, WPAFB; Adjunct Assistant Professor

(937) 938-2704

Jason G. Parker, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Wright State Research Institute Director

(937) 705-1016


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