Class of 2005 Entering Clinical Aspect of Medicine

DAYTON, OHIO-The Class of 2005 at Wright State University School of Medicine will reaffirm its dedication to the ethics and professionalism of medicine in a ceremony on July 16, 2003. Organized by the students, the Student Clinician's Ceremony celebrates their entry into the third year of medical school, a year of rotations through Dayton's "teaching community."

Held at Wright State's Student Union at 6:00 p.m., the keynote speaker will be Gary Leroy, M.D., a 1988 graduate from the school and an associate professor of Family Medicine. Dr. Leroy is medical director of the East Dayton Health Center and has been identified as one of America's 50 most positive physician role models. He actively supports several community groups, including Project Alpha and Fathers Working with Fathers.

"This student ceremony is meant to reaffirm the values of patient-centered care and humanism in medicine," states Erica Mailler, a student organizer for the event. The students will commit to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, approach their education with honesty and integrity, respect the humanity of all patients, and value the knowledge and wisdom of all physicians, teachers, and colleagues. "This is truly a privileged experience: the opportunity to care for people, to learn from distinguished mentors and from our own community," says Mailler.

Steven Shane Konrad, from the class of 2004, will lead the students in the pledge which begins, "I commit myself to a lifelong journey of learning how to cure, relieve and comfort with humility and compassion."

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