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Team-Based Learning™ Websites

Team-Based Learning™ Collaborative (TLC)

Public site of the Team-Based Learning™ Collaborative

The TBLC is an organization of health sciences faculty whose mission is to promote and support the use of Team-Based Learning™ in medical education. The membership includes basic scientists, health professions educators, and educational specialists who have variable degrees of experience with Team-Based Learning™.

Activities of the TLC:

  • Team-Based Learning™ workshops & seminars
  • Peer mentoring
  • A case bank of faculty development and classroom teaching materials
  • Research on Team-Based Learning™ and evaluation methods/tools


Private site accessible only by members of the Team-Based Learning™ Collaborative

TeamCrossing is a private site accessible only by members of the Team Learning Collaborative. This site was developed as a resource for medical and health sciences educators using the team learning method in their teaching endeavors.

This site includes:

  • Discussion boards to encourage discussion of teaching with team learning;
  • Case banks of teaching, evaluation, and research materials;
  • A forum to share evaluation results and develop research collaborations.

For more information or to join the Team-Based Learning™ Collaborative, please visit

Team-Based Learning™

This site has extensive information about Team-Based Learning™ including the difference between TBL and other forms of teaching with small groups, the elements of the TBL strategy, how to get started, examples of successful TBL courses, video demonstrations, and more.

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