Department of Neurology

Neurocritical Care Fellowship Program


Welcome to the Neurocritical Care Fellowship Program at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Our program is dedicated to training exceptional physicians in the acute care of critically ill patients with underlying neurological processes. We present a diverse, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a comprehensive curriculum. 

About the Program

Our fellowship program is designed to provide fellows with a comprehensive understanding of neurocritical care through rigorous clinical training and exposure to various neurological conditions. Our faculty comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, including neurology, neurovascular, neuro-interventional, epilepsy, surgery, critical care, and trauma. Fellows can work closely with these accomplished mentors to develop their skills and knowledge. 

We are part of the Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI) in Miami Valley Hospital. CNSI has an established neurology residency, a stroke fellowship, and a neurointervention fellowship. We are building a Headache fellowship and a Neuroimmunology fellowship to enhance our training environment further. 

Miami Valley Hospital is a busy stroke, neurointervention, and neurosurgery hospital offering a wide range of specialists to complement the training, including four neurointensivists in a state-of-the-art 36-bed Neuro ICU, exceptional neurosurgical support, the busiest level one trauma center in Ohio, a 40-bed medical ICU, and a 36-bed VV ECMO capable cardiac ICU. 

Critical Care training includes exposure to bronchoscopy, right heart catheterization, and ECMO, as well as EVD, lumbar drain placements, and continuous EEG interpretation. Critical interpretation of technology in neurocritical care, its limitations, and its use will be the primary education. 

Our program encompasses one-on-one development of the fellow in a low-key environment. The fellowship will be closely administered with other ICUs and with active collaboration with stroke, neurointervention, and trauma fellowships. It will work closely with a multidisciplinary team of acute care nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nutritionists, therapists, and social services. Neurology residents and medical students participate in the rounds with the team. 


Fellows will spend a total of 24 months in training, with 12 months spent in Neuro ICU and the remainder of time split between MICU, SICU/Trauma ICU, as well as dedicated time for electives, research, and vacation. 

For those with extensive ICU experience (those from MICU, SICU, Trauma, and ICU specialties), the total training time is reduced to 12 months with a dedicated focus on patient care in the Neuro ICU. 

Training is based on the United Council of Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS) guidelines. 

All requirements and benefits are compatible with ACGME guidelines. 

Required to present in Neurocritical case conferences, teach, and participate in educational activities throughout the year. 

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Training: Our program covers a spectrum of diseases and conditions, including sepsis, and multiorgan failure, cerebrovascular disorders, refractory status epilepticus, neuromuscular diseases, CNS infections, coma, encephalopathy, traumatic brain injury, and perioperative neurosurgical care. 
  • Unique Responsibilities: Fellows will learn, critically evaluate, and use technology. 
  • Research: Learning and educating are mandatory. Weekly neurovascular critical care conference and journal club. Friday didactic lectures, monthly morbidity and mortality conferences, and collaborated stroke and trauma critical care conferences are required. Planning and implementing a study are also required. 


  1. Neurocritical Care Physicians: Dr. Gnan Thakore, Dr. Nivedita Mankotia, Dr. Ahmed Fathy, Dr. Kiran Poudel, and Dr. John Terry 
  2. Critical Care Physicians: Dr. Alex Kobzik and Dr. Joe Nobile 
  3. Trauma: Dr. Mbaga Walusimbi 
  4. Neurosurgery: Dr. Brittany Staarmann 

Program Director and Contact

Dr. Gnan Thakore
Phone: 937-477-4147 

Dr. Thakore has practiced critical care and neurocritical care for over twenty-five years. His goal is to teach the art and science of medicine with a comprehensive assessment of patients and current technology. His interests include hemodynamic assessment and recovery of oropharyngeal function in CNS injury. 

Application Process

To apply for our Neurocritical Care Fellowship program, please email and text Dr. Thakore for further instructions. 

Last edited on 11/17/2023.