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Interprofessional Engagement

SMD 8140

Module Director: Brenda J.B. Roman, M.D.; Module Coordinator: Carla Lachecki, M.A.

Module Description: Interprofessional Engagement (IPE) prepares students to function collaboratively on health care teams. Students will engage in interprofessional experiences with other health professions students and health professionals.  In the Foundations phase, students will learn about the roles and responsibilities of teams of care providers and effective team communication through a variety of community-based and service learning experiences. In the Doctoring and Advanced Doctoring phase, students will build competence by working in cooperation with care providers, patients and their families, and others who contribute or support the delivery of prevention and health care services. Throughout the curriculum, students will engage in interprofessional experiences with other health professions students to develop individual and team performance and communication skills.

Alignment of WrightCurriculum Educational Objectives to the Module Learning Goals

Boonshoft SOM Educational Objectives


What competencies / milestones will this unit address? 

Human Dimension – Personal and Interpersonal Professional Development


Communicate and work effectively with others

Human Dimension – Personal and Interpersonal Professional Development


Demonstrate leadership skills in a variety of settings

Module-Level Objectives


What are the module-level objectives for this module?

Boonshoft SOM Objectives


Respect: Work with individuals of other professions to create and maintain an environment conducive to mutual respect and shared values

4.5, 4.6


Scope of Practice: Recognize and work within one’s own role and those of other professions on the team to appropriately address the healthcare needs of patients and populations

4.5, 4.6

LO3 Communication: Communicate with other health professionals, patients, families, and communities in a manner that a promotes a team approach to healthcare delivery and health enhancement

4.5, 4.6

LO4 Teamwork: Apply knowledge of team dynamics to perform effectively in different team roles to plan and deliver patient-/population-centered care

4.5, 4.6

Last edited on 06/23/2020.