Scholarship in Medicine

SMD 8160; SMD 8260

Module Director: Amber Todd, Ph.D., Director of Assessment Medical Education, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB)

Module Description:

Scholarship in Medicine will ensure that students engage in instruction in the scientific method and collect and/or use data to test and verify hypotheses and address questions about biomedical phenomena and how it contributes to the body of scientific knowledge to improve the health of patients and/or populations. Students will also be instructed in the basic scientific and ethical principles of clinical and translational research.

Alignment of WrightCurriculum Educational Objectives & Milestones to the Module Learning Goals

Boonshoft SOM Educational Objectives and Milestones


What competencies / milestones will this unit address? 

Foundational Knowledge – Medical Knowledge: Utilize evidence in making clinical decisions


Obtain, analyze, and synthesize information from the medical literature (Foundations)


Define the fundamental statistical tools used in medicine

Caring/Valuing – Professionalism Goals: Value and behave in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards of the profession


Identify the basic principles of medical ethics (Foundations)

Learning How to Learn – Practice-Based Learning: Stimulate intellectual curiosity to question and advance knowledge through scholarship




Identify and assess the literature in an area of scholarly interest (Foundations)
Identify and begin work on a scholarly project (Doctoring)
Complete and present a scholarly project (Advanced Doctoring)

Module-Level Objectives


What are the module-level objectives for this course? 

Boonshoft SOM Objectives


Demonstrate the use of the scientific method in a scholarly endeavor

1.3a (Fdn) 6.2a (Fdn)


Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical and responsible conduct of research

5.3a (Fdn)


Identify and assess the literature in an area of scholarly interest

1.3a (Fdn) 6.2a (Fdn)


Create and maintain/document literature in an area of scholarly interest

1.3a (Fdn) 6.2a (Fdn)


Identify and formulate a hypothesis and research question

1.3a (Fdn) 6.2a (Fdn)
6.2a (Doc)


Design an ethically-sound research protocol to address the hypothesis and research question

5.3a (Fdn) 6.2a (Fdn) 6.2a (Doc)


Implement research protocol in an ethical manner

6.2a (Doc)


Collect and analyze data generated by the designed research protocol

6.2a (Doc)
6.2a (ADoc)


Interpret and communicate findings

6.2a (ADoc)

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