Department of Surgery

Division of Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is a subspecialty of general surgery that is concerned with treatment of arterial and venous disease. We provide comprehensive care for a full range of vascular related conditions and diseases, including but not limited to aneurysms, peripheral vascular disease, and congenital malformations.

Vascular surgery is a dynamic specialty in that the surgeons utilize a wide range of skills to treat their patients, from traditional open surgery to cutting edge minimally invasive techniques such as endovascular aneurysm repair. But it not just about performing the procedure on a patient; it is about understanding the disease process, utilizing appropriate diagnostics, and looking for the appropriate intervention given the co-morbidities of each individual patient. On any given day, a vascular surgeon may perform an amputation, do an angiogram, fix an aneurysm, or execute the perfect lower extremity bypass.

Any medical student or resident rotating through on our service will be exposed not only to the tasks and procedures that encompass our care, but also to the critical thinking that is applied on a continual basis. To that end, they are expected to be involved with patient care from patient presentation to case planning to execution of intervention and post-operative care. Vascular surgery is a rewarding field for people interested in developing a wide breath of skill sets, both medical and surgical, in order to treat patients.

Last edited on 07/18/2016.