Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Salary for Civilian Residents (FY 2019-20)

  • R1 (PGY-1) — $57,221
  • R2 (PGY-2) — $58,802
  • R3 (PGY-3) — $60,278
  • R4 (PGY-4) — $61,714

Standard military compensation for rank and longevity.


  • R1 – Three weeks
  • R2 – Three weeks
  • R3 – Three weeks
  • R4 – Three weeks


  • Expenses for national meetings may be paid for those residents presenting papers.
  • First-year residents are allocated three days per contract year to attend continuing medical education meetings.
  • Second-year residents receive five days per contract year to attend medical meetings.
  • Third-year residents have seven days per contract year to attend medical meetings.
  • Fourth-year residents have seven days per contract year to attend an approved comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology review course. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Each resident is entitled to a paid half-day (up to 5 hours) per rotation block for personal appointments such as eye, dental, physical, PT test, etc. 

NOTE: Residents sponsored by the Air Force will be funded from TDY funds when available from the USAF Medical Center, Wright-Patterson.

Other Information

While at Miami Valley Hospital, please note the following:

  • Miami Valley Hospital is a smoke-free environment; smoking is not permitted in or outside the hospital confines.
  • An annual history and physical examination must be completed, including appropriate lab work, drug screen and TB testing.
  • Evidence of employability (social security number) must be provided.
  • Residents should acquire state licensure upon eligibility. Military residents MUST obtain a license by the end of their second year.
Last edited on 10/17/2019.