Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Resident Research Day

Resident Research Day is held every May. All of our third-year residents present to the faculty, residents, medical students and medical community in attendance. They are judged on their research presentations and an award is given to the top resident.

2021 Resident Research Presentations

  • Ashley Reid, MD, R3 -- First Place Winner--(Towers) -- Objective Assessment of Bladder Rupture Pressures in Explanted Cadaveric Bladders and Impact on Resultant Compliance
  • Zachary Candela, DO, R3 --(Wiegand) -- Postpartum Management of Gestational Hypertensive  Disorders Using furosemide: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Joseph Hancox, MD, R3 -- (Kindig) -- OB/GYN Clerkship Improvement by Adding Obstetric Simulation
  • Kelsey Harman, MD, R3 -- (Maxwell) -- A Close-Up Examination of Infant Mortality in Trotwood, Ohio
  • Adam Langer, MD, R3 -- (Towers) -- A Randomized Trial of Vaginal Prep Solutions to  Reduce Bacterial Colony Counts in Patients Having a Vaginal Surgery
  • Lindsay Parrish, MD, R3 -- (Maxwell) -- Outcomes of Delayed Pushing in Both Nulliparous and Multiparous Populations

2020 Resident Research Presentations

  •  Zoe Gauthier, MD, R3 -- First Place Winner (Wiegand) -- Evaluating Factors for Post-Placental Intrauterine Device Retention -- An Interim Analysis
    Bethany Charron, MD, R3 -- (McKenna) -- is a Mid-Trimester Finding of a Low Lying Placenta Clinically Relevant? A retrospective study looking at the effect of low lying placenta on maternal and neonatal morbidity, regardless of resolution
    Elena Fuell Wysong, MD, R3 -- (Barhan) -- Postpartum Non-Pharmacologic Pain Management
    Julia Paulet, MD, R3--  (Towers) -- Effectiveness of Iliococcygeus Colpopexy with Site-Specific Colporrhaphy and Perineorrhaphy for Rectocele Repair
    Maggie Rechel, MD, R3 -- (Kodeih) -- Unintended Pregnancy: Disparities in Utilization of Care, Contraceptive  Counseling, and Effective Birth Control Usage in an At-Risk Population
    Justin Williams, MD, R3 -- (Kindig) -- Post Cesarean Opiate Consumption and Analgesia After Local Wound Infiltration with Liposomal Bupivacaine: A Retrospective Study

2019 Resident Research Presentations

  • Keshia Torres-Shafer, MD, R3 – First Place Winner (Wiegand) A Comparison of Quantified Versus Estimated Blood Lost At The Time of Cesarean Delivery
  • Trisha Tomkins, MD, R3 (Croom, Sonek, McKenna) The Predictive Value of Antenatal Obstetrical Ultrasound Parameters for Neonatal Survival in Preterm Birth at Less Than 26 Weeks Gestation
  • Michelle Durrant, MD, R3 (Yaklic) Evaluation of Vitamin D with and without Hormonal Contraception on Sexual Function (SF) in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Danielle Holland, MD, R3 (Wiegand) Outcomes of Delayed Pushing in the Nulliparous and Multiparous Population
  • Emily Kemner, DO, R3 (Lindheim) Perspectives Among Successful Gay Fathers Utilizing In Vitro Fertilization and Gestational Carriers
  • Morgan Salomon, MD, R3 (Yaklic, Talbot, Galloway) Cesarean Wound Risk Assessment and Management (CRAM): Phase 2 of a Quality Improvement Study
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