Insurance for Medical Students

Upcoming Plan Changes

Wright State University will automatically enroll you in the university-sponsored student medical and prescription drug insurance plan with an effective date of July 1 each academic year.

If you currently have medical and prescription drug coverage under another plan, you may submit a waiver request to have the premium removed from your student account. Your waiver must be submitted between May 15 and July 15 each academic year. Your waiver will remain on file until the end of the academic year, July 1 through June 30.

If you experience a Qualifying Life Event at any time during the school year, you can join the plan within 31 days of the QLE. For assistance with a QLE, please contact the Program Director of Student Health Benefits, Nancy Caupp at


Boonshoft School of Medicine students must purchase medical student health insurance or submit a waiver declining purchase. Boonshoft students also are required to have Life & Disability Insurance. A preventative dental plan is now included with your medical benefits. Purchasing or waiving insurance cannot be done through WINGS Express; it must be done through the waiver/enrollment portal during the open waiver/enrollment period. The waiver site is located at and will be active between May 15 and July 15. 

For more information, please contact the Student Insurance Office at



Your Anthem Student Advantage Benefits at a Glance

Service Cost


$500 in network/per policy year
$1,000 in network per family/per policy year
$1,000 out of network/per person/per policy year
$2,000 out of network per family/per policy year

Out of Pocket Maximum

$5,500/covered person/policy year;
$11,000 for all covered persons in family in network
$10,000/covered person/policy year;
$22,000 for all covered persons in family out of network

Primary Care Visit

$25 copay or 80% of preferred allowance


$125 copay (waived if admitted)

Urgent Care

$35 copay per visit in network


$15 copay per script tier 1
$30 copay per script tier 2
$45 copay per script tier 3

Inpatient Hospital


Student Health Services:
Outpatient Care
Preventive Care

100% coverage per service; copays are waived

Preventive Care Services:
Including but not limited to annual physicals, gynecological exams, routine screenings and immunizations. (No deductible, copays or coinsurance will be applied when the services are received from a Preferred Provider.)

100% coverage by preferred provider
60% of Usual and customary coverage out of network



United Health Care Choice Plus

Plan Maximum


Your Life & Disability Insurance Benefits at a Glance

Benefit Description

Long Term Disability Benefit

$1,500 per month is paid for the first 5 years if you are unable to continue as student; after 5 years, if you are unable to secure an occupation or employment commensurate with your education and training, benefits continue for lifetime.

90 Day Waiting Period

Your benefits become payable after you are continuously disabled for 90 days

Pre-Existing Conditions

If a preexisting condition is present at any time during 6 months prior to the coverage effective date, your benefits begin after 12 months of coverage

Assisted Living Benefit

Up to $1,500 is payable upon meeting requirements

Work Earnings or Income Offset

You may earn up to $3,000 per month while disabled without a reduction in benefits

Rehabilitation Plan Benefit

While disabled, expenses for training, education, family care work and job search in connection with returning to work or school can be covered

Lump Sum Benefit

$5,000 is paid when you meet the requirements for Permanent and Total Disability

Student Loan Repayment Benefit

Up to $225,000 is payable to cover qualifying loans for college and medical school tuition, living expenses, fees, and textbooks

Survivor Benefit

Up to $7,500 is payable to your beneficiary if you die after receiving Long Term Disability for at least 180 days

Continuation of Coverage

$2,000/$2,500 monthly coverage will be available on a guaranteed issue basis while you are in residency training


Last edited on 05/10/2024.