Fiscal Affairs

Procedures for Emergency Closing

Since some Boonshoft School of Medicine faculty, staff and students are involved in providing health care services, it may be necessary for these people to work in an emergency situation. In most cases, the School of Medicine will conform to the university policy statement concerning emergency operations. However, the following procedures will be followed if applicable.

Everyone should be alert for public announcements (radio and television) to the position of the university. If a weather emergency exists where travel is extremely hazardous, the university may be closed for a specific period of time. Each department will determine essential versus nonessential faculty and staff. Essential personnel will be expected to report to work in these emergency closings or delays. Essential personnel will generally include those involved in health care delivery and maintenance of facilities.

  1. If the university opening is delayed, first- and second-year medical student classes, both on campus and off campus, will be delayed until the announced opening time. At that time, the remaining academic schedule for the day will be followed. If the university is closed, first- and second-year classes will be canceled.
  2. Third- and fourth-year medical students, as well as residents, will normally be assigned to a hospital and will usually be directly involved in health care delivery. These people should conform to the actions taken by the institution in which they are assigned. Students involved in providing health care services will normally be expected to report to their assignments, depending upon their personal circumstances. Students must make their own decisions concerning their personal safety in a weather emergency. Specific questions about these assignments should be directed to related chairs or program directors.
  3. Faculty and staff based on the WSU campus will follow the university action.
  4. Faculty and staff based at the Cox Institute Building, University Park and Research Park will normally follow the university action. However, implementation of the action should be reviewed by the appropriate chair and/or director to assess any impact on health services delivery or other essential services/duties.
  5. Faculty and staff based in an affiliated institution, normally a hospital, will attempt to conform to the actions taken by that institution. Since these organizations are intimately involved in the delivery of health care, it is normally expected that these institutions will continue to function in any emergency situation. Faculty and staff that are deemed nonessential will follow the university action. Faculty and staff must be guided by their individual circumstances and direct any questions about altered process to the related departmental chair or unit director.

In the urgent situation where the appropriate procedures cannot be communicated by a short public announcement, the Boonshoft School of Medicine will activate its own internal network for specific directors. Chairs and other unit directors should also put in place a similar system to extend the flow of information to their faculty and staff.

Last edited on 01/28/2015.