Fiscal Affairs

Recruitment Procedures

Online Employment System

Position vacancies must be submitted through WSU's Online Employment System. (To use the system, you will need to create an account the first time you visit by clicking on “Create User Account” on the left side. You will be notified by email within a day or so to confirm that your user ID as been activated.) When you submit a position you want posted, the online tracking system will automatically route an electronic form to those who must approve it. When Human Resources posts the position on the Job Opportunities web site, an email will be sent to the person who originated the position to acknowledge this. This email also serves as notification to post ads in any publications or venues in which your department has agreed to place them.

Recruitment of Faculty

See: Procedures for Recruitment of Fully Affiliated Faculty

Recruitment of Unclassified Salaried Staff

See: the Recruitment Process (PDF).

Recruitment of Classified/Unclassified Hourly Staff

Request to Recruit Staff Position

If the position is funded by general funds (namely fund 190002), the department must complete the Strategic Hire Request Form (DOCX) and submit it to the Office of Fiscal Affairs for approval. The approved form will be forwarded to the provost's office (the department will be copied on the forwarding email). After the provost's office returns the form (PDF version) to the department, the form should be attached to the PeopleAdmin position posting.

Position Posting

The job posting is an online process. Only those individuals trained to use the People Admin Online Employment System may create a job posting. Contact Human Resources, (937) 775-2120 or, for training information.

  1. Human Resources assigns a Position Number after reviewing the forms and the advertisement.
  2. Human Resources notifies the originator by email when the position is posted on the WSU Employment Opportunities web site. This email also serves as approval to post advertisements in any publications or venues for which the department is responsible.

Application Review

  1. Applications are accepted until the deadline.
  2. Applications are screened by the Human Resources Department.
  3. The Online Employment System acknowledges all applications via email.
  4. Human Resources notifies the department by email when a list of applicants is ready for interviews.

Applicant Selection

  1. The department informs Human Resources of its selection and confirms the title and salary after review of the interviewed applicants.
  2. The department calls the selected applicant to make a verbal offer contingent upon a successful background check.
  3. Note: The background check takes one to three business days.
  4. Human Resources sends the selected applicant a confirming offer letter.
  5. The Online Employment System generates denial letters to other applicants.
  6. The department completes a Personnel Action Form (PAF) and submits it to the Office of Fiscal Affairs. The form is available on the Human Resources Web site.
  7. If a candidate verbally declines a position, the department informs Human Resources and may proceed with an offer to a second candidate. If no other offers will be made, the department should inform Human Resources of its plans, i.e., not fill the position, continue with the search, and so on.
Last edited on 06/04/2015.