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Didactic Education

We have incorporated many of the concepts of the Make it Stick methodology into our novel Internal Medicine curriculum.  These methods include engaged learning strategies of case-based learning during our noon conferences three days a week. The residents are aware of the topic being covered and are assigned selected reading in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine that corresponds to that specific topic to be discussed. Preparation is key and they are expected to complete the reading assignment in advance so they may apply the knowledge to the case provided during the noon conference. In an effort to provide more direct knowledge feedback, our program has incorporated the concept of “frequent quizzing” during our once weekly Forum sessions. These Forum sessions are set up as active learning classroom activities and usually run two hours on Tuesday afternoons.

Each four-week block includes an aggregate Block quiz that encompasses all the noon conference topics discussed during the block.  The quiz sessions may be accomplished utilizing IRAT (individual readiness assurance test)/GRAT (group readiness assurance test) format structured after the first part of Team Based Learning teaching methodology utilizing IF-AT (Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique) cards. Alternatively, the quiz may use a Peer Instruction format with our audience response system.  Peer Instruction style allows each resident to answer independently on first poll. If greater than 80% of our residents get the answer correct, we explain the results and then move to the next question. If less than 80 % get the answer correct, we allow time for discussion and then re-poll for the answer. We then discuss the question as a large group.

The residents enjoy the quiz session and lively discussions which takes them out of a passive learning environment into a more engaged atmosphere. We are presently studying the effects and outcomes on standardized testing and hope to publish our results after completion of our project.

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Last edited on 01/15/2019.