Department of Internal Medicine and Neurology

Didactic Education

We have incorporated many of the concepts of the Make it Stick methodology into our novel Internal Medicine curriculum. These methods include engaged learning strategies of case-based learning and flipped classroom. The curriculum was developed to reflect high-yield topics included in the American Board of Internal Medicine Blueprints. The curriculum spans 13 months with each four-week block focusing on a different organ system. We have implemented short morning report lectures prepared by senior residents to give each of them an opportunity to grow as physician educators. We also hold hour long noon conferences which are meant to be a reflection and echo of the topics covered during morning report with a patient focus. The residents are aware of the topics being covered and advised to prepare in a way that is conducive to their learning style including reading selections from Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, listening to relevant podcasts, or reviewing an applicable journal article. Preparation is key so they may apply the knowledge to the cases provided during the noon conference. The curriculum is universal across all three training sites to allow residents to benefit from consistent active education regardless of their rotation. We also utilize our sub-specialist colleagues to provide educational lectures and participate in case-based learning at every opportunity.

Since we have the privilege of simulation centers at all three training sites, we have also instituted hands-on educational opportunities on a monthly basis. These include procedure simulation sessions, ultrasound workshops, and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support training.

Since implementing this curriculum and improving upon it in the last few years, we have accomplished a 100% ABIM board pass rate!

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Last edited on 10/21/2020.