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Department of Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency Program

Our Motto

Excellence Through Diversity

Program Director’s Welcome

James Lamb, M.D.

Internal Medicine Residency Program Director

We want you to learn.
We want you to teach.
We want you to discover.
We want you to heal.
We want you to enjoy the journey.

We want you to do this in an environment that:

  • Puts the patient at the center.
  • Encourages a culture of safety.
  • Focuses on improvement and active learning.
  • Is dynamic and innovative.
  • Promotes excellence.
  • Provides diverse clinical experiences at multiple institutions.
  • Prepares residents for future practice in any clinical setting.



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Autonomy and future success
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Outtakes from Wright State Internal Medicine Residency
Last edited on 08/10/2023.