Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Core Facilities

photo of a student in a labThe Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology is located on the second floor of the Health Sciences Building on Wright State University's main campus. There are seven laboratories for faculty research, a secure surety facility, a darkroom, and other rooms for supporting research and teaching.

A Proteome Analysis Laboratory (PAL) contains equipment used for molecular biology, imaging and proteomics research. In these labs, equipment is made available for WSU faculty and collaborators to work on proteomic projects.

Mass spectrometers (MS) are at the core of the PAL. The first mass spectrometer, a Ciphergen SELDI-TOF MS, was acquired with Department of Defense grant support. It provides fast, reliable and convenient protein and proteomic profiling by using chemically treated ProteinChips® to which proteins adhere or are removed based on their specific protein chemistries. The resulting spectra can generate a proteomic profile or fingerprint of a tissue extract or body fluid (plasma or urine).

The facility was expanded in 2006 when PAL Director David R. Cool, Ph.D., received support from the Kettering Fund to purchase a High Capacity Ion Trap mass spectrometer (Bruker HCTUltra IonTrap MS). This high-end equipment allows separation of peptides and proteins on a Dionex nanoHPLC followed by nano electrospray injection into the IonTrap. Peptides are then fragmented with helium for Collision Induced Dissociation and the data processed by computer. The resulting sequences lead to specific protein identification and are matched with the proteins and peptides expected in the tissue. Post-translational modification of peptides is accomplished by Electron Transfer Dissociation.

Last edited on 01/28/2015.